Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

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Q. How do I apply or re-apply to UCO? 

Q. Where can I find information about majors, minors, course descriptions, and University policies? 

Q. How can I learn more about my major/minor or a major/minor I'm interested in?

Q. When can I enroll?

Q. How do I pay for school?

Q. What classes are available?

Q. How do I apply for Graduation?

Q. How do I know which courses I've taken at another school transfer to UCO?

Q. Where can I find information on Veteran's Affairs?

Q. How do I schedule an advisement appointment?

Q. Where can I get my ID card?

Q. Where do I go if I need to take the Course Placement Test (CPT)?

Q. I re-took a class, is there a way to have my grade changed from the previous time I took it?

Q. Do I qualify for Academic Reprieve if my grades were not so good before?

Q. How can I change my major or minor?

Q. How do I calculate my GPA?

Q. How do I wait list for a class?

Q. What are the deadlines for adding/dropping classes?

Q. When is the schedule available for the upcoming semester?

Q. Is there a 4-year plan available for my major?

Q. What is Transformative Learning?

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