What's a Minor, and Why Would I Get One?

Ever wonder what a minor is or what it could do for you? Want to boost your resume? A minor can have major benefits. Minors are usually 18-22 hours in a specific subject area. They can help you be even more qualified for jobs that you could apply for when you graduate. A minor can be an outlet for your passion and present you as a well-rounded person in the eyes of employers.

Minors can even be the tie-breaker when it comes to getting the job you want. Let’s say you are thinking about a degree in Business. When compared with other job applicants, a resume with a Mass-Communications-Advertising minor or Leadership minor would stand out compared to an applicant with just a Business degree.

UCO has 70+Minors in a variety of fields including 8 Interdisciplinary Studies minors that mix and match courses across fields. To see how exciting your resume could be, call 405-974-2727 to schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor. Here is a quick reference list of all the UCO Minors.

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