Operation Degree Completion

Finish what you started!

Now is the time to finish your degree at the University of Central Oklahoma. Let us help you get back on track toward graduation.

We specialize in assisting students with unique situations and helping them create a customized plan to meet their goal of earning a UCO degree. Our Student Success team can assist with students who have:

  • Completed multiple semesters of coursework but have not received a degree 

  • Started a degree program but fell just short of graduation 

  • Earned credit from multiple institutions and are not sure how they work together toward a degree 

  • Wondered how close they are to finishing a degree 

  • Earned credits and are simply looking for the most efficient route to graduating 
with a bachelor’s degree 

Getting started is simple. Contact us by phone at 405-974-5390 or via email at success@uco.edu. Please Include the following information in your email: 

  • Name

Most recent institution attended

Last semester in attendance

Best Contact Phone Number 

  • Best Contact Email Address 

Once we receive your information, we will connect you with a Success Coach who will work one-on-one with you and help address your specific needs. 

See you at Graduation!