Operation Degree Completion

The Operation Degree Completion program is designed to assist in the completion of certificates and degrees in Oklahoma through partnerships between UCO and community colleges.

The program identifies current UCO students who have completed course work at Rose State, Oklahoma City Community College and/or Oklahoma State University at Oklahoma City. The advisors then identify students who transfer to Central before obtaining their associate’s degrees to determine whether their Central courses can transfer back to fulfill graduation requirements for an Associate’s Degree from the community college. (As well as fulfilling some UCO core requirements.) 

The degree completion program also identifies students who are not currently enrolled but may be very close to completing their degree. Academic advisors then reach out to these students to help them take the final steps toward their diploma. The advisors provide additional benefits to students by offering a unique combination of recruitment, personalized advisement and streamlined admissions. They work to design an individualized approach to help meet a student’s specific academic and personal needs. 

For more information about the Operation Degree Completion program, see our "ODC In The News" page or contact your Operation Degree Completion Advisor today! 

UCO Degree Completion Advisor @Rose State College
Tricia Hyland

UCO Degree Completion Advisor @ University of Central Oklahoma
Elaine Harris

UCO Degree Completion Advisor @ Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC)
Meaghan Santos

UCO Degree Completion Advisor @ Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City
Larissa Boyd