Forensic Science Spotlight Sessions

The students will have an opportunity to meet a faculty member, see a classroom and tour the Forensic Science Institute.  All sessions begin at 1:00pm in the Forensic Science Institute and last one hour, see dates below. Students may register for a 10:00am Campus Tour before attending the Spotlight Session; the tour dismisses just before noon.  Call (405) 974-2610 to reserve your Forensic Science Tour!

For a campus map showing where to park, click here.

Dr. Dwight Adams is the director of the Forensic Science Institute.  Dr. Adams has 23 years of experience with the FBI and was head of the FBI in Quantico, VA with 700 employees.  He was part of the DNA research team in the mid 1980's and was the first person to testify in court using DNA analysis.

A degree in Forensic Science requires a dual major.  There are 3 tracks available in Forensic Science:  BS in Forensic Science, BS in Forensic Science-Molecular Biology, and BS in Forensic Science-Chemistry. 

For more information about the Forensic Science Institute, please go to

Please call (405) 974-2610 to reserve your Forensic Science Tour.

The dates for the Forensic Spotlight Sessions are: 

Friday, November 30
Friday. December 7
Friday, January 25
Friday, February 8
Friday, February 15
Friday, March 8
Friday, March 29
Friday, April 5
Friday, April 19
Friday, May 3