Campus Tour For Transfer Students

Who is invited: Any Transfer student.

What to expect: 60 minute walking tour of campus including a view of classrooms, dining halls, the Nigh University Center and several other buildings on campus.  Please let the tour guide know if you are interested in seeing a specific department on your tour.  After the tour you will meet with a Transfer Admissions Counselor for a transcript evaluation or just to ask questions. 

Requirements:  An unofficial transcript is needed for a transcript evaluation.  To be admitted on the spot, official transcripts are required. 

Where:  Tours begin in the Nigh University Center at 11:00 am.  For a campus map click here.

When:   January 24, 2014
            February 14, 2014
            April 11, 2014

Other important information:   After your tour you are welcome to explore other offices on campus on your own, such as Financial Aid, Disability Support Services, Campus Activiies or Off Campus Life.

Please call the Campus Tours Office to register for a tour!