Welcome to Enrollment Services at UCO

Our Mission Statement

As you explore our web site and each of these individual Enrollment Services areas in the Student Affairs division, please know that we are committed to serving you to the best of our ability. Our goal is to provide services, whether in person or online, that meet your needs. In Enrollment Services we are committed to exceeding student's and parent's expectations for service. Our team is dedicated to our students and parents, and regardless of which area of enrollment services you are interacting with, we strive to ensure that our service to you is second to none.

Office Hours
Monday - 8 am to 5 pm
Tuesday - 8 am to 5 pm
Wednesday - 9 am to 5 pm
Thursday - 8 am to 5 pm
Friday - 8 am to 5 pm

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is most likely the first office of our team you will interact with during your time at UCO.  Undergraduate Admissions is responsible for the recruitment and admission of new students, both freshmen and transfer students.  The Office also provides assistance in the awarding and administration of national, state and institutional scholarships.  Our admissions team sponsors programs, high school visits, campus tours and many other activities to help you gain a better understanding of all the University of Central Oklahoma has to offer.  We're located in the Nigh University Center, Room 124, (405) 974-2727, Fax (405) 974-3841.

Office of Undergraduate Academic Advisement

The Office of Undergraduate Academic Advisement encompasses the areas of Advisement, Graduation Services, and Veterans Services.  Our team in Advisement is dedicated to guiding students toward successful completion of the degree at the University of Central Oklahoma.   Ten advisors offer year-round one-on-one advising sessions and produce degree checks at strategic points during the student's career.  Our team in Graduation Services is responsible for  degree audits, graduation processing, and commencement.   We're located in the Nigh University Center, Room 121, (405) 974-2727.

Office of Enrollment Services

The Office of Enrollment Services encompasses the areas of records and registration.    Our team in Records is responsible for posting credit, producing transcripts, verifications of both enrollment and degrees, transfer credit evaluation.  Our team in Registration is responsible for walk-in registration and transcript production. We're located in the Nigh University Center, Room 124, (405) 974-2727, Fax (405) 974-3841.

Office of Student Financial Services

The Office of Student Financial Aid is designed to assist students and parents with the financing of higher education. Our Financial Aid team is responsible for the administration of state, federal, and institutional dollars designed to support all students at the University of Central Oklahoma. Our team in financial aid sponsors seminars, workshops and individualized attention to assist our students and parents.  We're located in the Nigh University Center, Room 141, (405) 974-2727, Fax (405) 340-7658.