Summer Student Financial Aid

The summer session at UCO is considered the end of the award year, therefore the FAFSA data used to determine aid eligibility for the Fall and Spring terms of that academic year would be used to determine aid eligibility.

  • Students seeking federal financial aid for the Summer term (including Oklahoma's Promise (OHLAP), student loans, grants and work-study funding) must complete the UCO Summer Aid Application, which is available on-line from March through July, in addition to the current year FAFSA.  Be sure to review the Summer Aid Application closely for processing time-lines and deadline dates associated with the summer term.

  • For Federal aid eligibility purposes for Summer, the undergraduate definition of full, three-quarter, and part-time enrollments are the same as for the Fall and Spring Terms. 

    • For undergraduates:
      full-time is 12 hours or more; three-quarter time is 9-11 hours, and half-time is 6-8 hours. 

    • For students working on a Master’s degree:
      full-time is 9 or more hours and half-time is 5-8 hours. 

    • Students must be enrolled at least half-time for student loan and/or work-study funding.

  • Your application may automatically be delayed if you are currently on probation for the Spring term, as we must review your term progress before your request for summer aid can be considered.  In addition, processing may be delayed if your program of study for the Summer term has changed, and is different than the one used for the previous Fall and/or Spring term.