Veteran's Administration Education Benefit Programs

Chapter 30 – Active Duty Military- All Volunteer Force.  Must receive Honorable discharge and contributed $1,200.00 to the G.I. Bill

Chapter 31 – VA Vocational Rehabilitation – Must have VA Medical Rating of 20% disability or greater

Chapter 32 – VEAP program – Post Vietnam Era - Must have contributed money to education benefit program that was matched by Government

Chapter 33 – Post 9/11 G.I. Bill – Must have at least 90 days Active Duty service after 9/11/2001

Chapter 35 – Survivors and Dependents – Parent or Spouse deceased or rated 100% disabled due to permanent and service- related disability

Chapter 1606 – Selected Reserve & National Guard – Must be actively drilling member

Chapter 1607 – REAP (Reserve & Guard) - Must have at least 90 days Active Duty service (not including training) after 9/11/2001.

For more information on eligibility requirements contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at www.gibill.va.gov

To apply for or continue your VA educational benefits under the G.I. Bill, contact the UCO VA office.  Phone (405)974-2578 or email at jlangston@uco.edu.