FA News and Updates!  

FAFSAs for 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 are available at www.fafsa.gov. Please use 2015 income year information.

Reminder! Please check your UCO e-mail account regularly for correspondence from our office.

  • **Important Notice** For federal and state grant eligibility, the student enrollment level at the time of the add/drop deadline for 16 week/semester courses, and 8 week summer term courses will be used for grant calculation and eligibility.  Any credits added after these add/drop deadlines will not be included for financial aid eligibility, i.e. Federal Pell, SEOG Grants, and Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grants (OTAG).  Direct Loan eligiblity requires the student be enrolled halftime (6 credits for undergraduates, and 5 credits for graduate students), at the time of processing and disbursement.

Spring 2017:

  • Financial Aid Appeal Deadline:  Mar. 10th
  • Enter the "Design Your Way Out of Debt" contest hosted by SALT to win:  First Place Winner - $500 Visa Gift Card; Second Place Winner - $250 Visa Gift Card; and Third Place Winner - $100 Visa Gift Card.  Contest Rules can be found at https://community.saltmoney.org/docs/DOC-2452.


    • SALT is here!  Stretch your student dollars and join SALT to truly own your finances at saltmoney.org/UCO.  SALT will help you borrow less, borrow smart, and repay your loans successfully.  It will also help you find a scholarship, internship or job, snag money-saving deals and more
    • Financial Aid Refund Information:  The Bank Mobile Vibe Card is the newest way to receive financial aid refunds!  Students have the choice of receiving refunds through 1) the Bank Mobile Vibe Card (a debit Mastercard) or 2) direct deposit into a bank account.  When your card arrives in the mail, please go online as soon as possible to www.refundselection.com to active your refund preference.