A world-class Institute dedicated to quality forensic science education, training, and research for professionals and students.


The Forensic Science Institute is devoted to academic excellence, through a unique multidisciplinary program, that provides outstanding educational, research, and professional training opportunities for practicing professionals and both undergraduate and graduate students. The Forensic Science Institute is a comprehensive training and research organization in all aspects of evidence collection, preservation, analysis, reporting and testimony. The Institute will promote leadership, character, and public service throughout all training events.

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES:                                        

Students who successfully complete a degree program in Forensic Science will:
*Acquire and retain foundational knowledge from the core discipline areas and apply it to an understanding of the continuum from crime scenes to courtrooms.
*Apply the scientific method to forensic science problems: review and interpret forensic science literature; develop well-reasoned,
scientifically sound hypotheses; design experiments to test hypotheses; statistically analyze and interpret data; and communicate results in written and oral formats.
*Communicate forensic science information clearly, concisely, logically, and accurately, to the general public both orally and in writing.
*Function as knowledgeable citizens with an understanding of the role of forensic scientists in society and offer ethical, well-reasoned
arguments/solutions to societal concerns related to forensic science.
*Demonstrate global and cultural competencies (avenues for learning might include study tours, guest lectures featuring international experts in forensic science, reading materials, and community engagement activities).
*Comprehend and demonstrate a working knowledge of safe and healthy practices in forensic science through adherence to accepted quality assurance standards and health and safety procedures.