Forensic Science Living Learning Community

As an award-winning community, the Forensic Science LLC is the perfect fit for students wishing to pursue forensics science, meet Forensic Science Institute faculty, and explore the different career paths available to forensic science degrees. Through active participation in this community, you will bring your classroom education to life by merging your classroom environment with your living space.

Programming may vary from year to year. Past programs in this community have included:

  • Team building at the OAR ropes course
  • Movie nights in the Forensic Science Institute, with a discussion with forensic science experts
  • Murder Mystery dinners off campus

Required courses:*

  • Fall: Introduction to Forensic Science (FRSC 2503). This introductory course is required of all Forensic Science majors and is designed to acquaint students with a comprehensive understanding of crime laboratories and investigative techniques. All students should enroll in the section provided for LLC students.
  • Spring: Crime Scene Processing (FRSC 3043). The course is a comprehensive review of evidence collection and preservation. Students learn the process of crime scene management and will explore basic methods in crime scene photography, sketching, and documentation. This is a required course of all Forensic Science majors.

*Please note: required courses are subject to change

Who Lives Here?

This community, located in The Quad, is open to first-year students who intend to pursue a major in Forensic Science, coupled with another appropriate major. This community is limited to 40 students and is currently full for the 2017-2018 academic year. However, please contact us if you would like to be placed on a waitlist.

What is a living learning community (LLC)?

Living learning communities (LLCs) are residence hall communities associated with a theme or an academic major. Housing & Dining collaborates with various campus partners to deliver different types of educational and social experiences that emphasize and support academics. These communities provide opportunities for students to combine their academic experience with their living environments.

What does it mean to be in a living learning community?

At UCO, you will find that there is a difference between learning and simply getting a degree. Living learning communities can be the pathway to your growth as a student, as a scholar, and as a contributing member of your community. As a member of a living learning community, you will experience a culture of scholarship and an environment where it’s okay to work hard on your studies. You’ll live with others who have a strong desire to learn and who will support you in similar academic efforts. You’ll live in a building designed with you in mind, with plenty of study space and areas for group work. You’ll learn both inside and outside the classroom to create a seamless learning environment. Even social activities planned for your LLC emphasize the importance of academics and challenge you to make the connections between your learning and your application of knowledge. You’ll recognize an expectation of your community to prioritize studying and academics. You will also enroll in at least one class that will be shared with your neighbors, meaning that everyone in your LLC will be taking the same class at the same time. This leads to opportunities for collaboration on assignments and impromptu tutoring sessions.  The Forensic Science LLC fosters transformative learning experiences in several areas including leadership, global and cultural competencies, service learning and civic engagement, research and scholarly activities, and discipline knowledge.  Students involved in the Forensic Science LLC have the opportunity to earn STLR credit for reflections on their experiences while being a part of the FS LLC.

Why should I join an LLC?


The transition to college can be difficult. Students who participate in LLCs experience smoother social and academic transitions because they are living and learning with peers who share their passions and interests.

Academic Success

LLC residents experience a more supportive academic environment through peers, faculty mentors, and intentional, educational activities specific to living learning communities.


Students who participate in LLCs are more likely to get involved and feel connected to campus. LLCs expose students to future possibilities of internships, networking, and faculty mentorships by engaging with different partners across campus.

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