Popular Faculty and Staff Funds

University of Central Oklahoma

AAFSA General Fund

Allison Martin-Pumphrey Endowed Scholarship for Leadership

Alpha Gamma Delta Endowed Scholarship

Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Alvin Alcorn Memorial Bench Fund

Andrew Rice Conscience of the Senate Award

Anna Grace Ruth Webb Scholarship

C. Hubert Gragg Endowed Scholarship

Campus Beautification

CHK|Central Boathouse Fund

Don and Susanne Betz Endowed Fund

Don and Susanne Betz Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Larry Foster Kappa Sigma Endowed Scholarship

Fronie Kay Brennan Endowed Scholarship

General Scholarship Endowment

Herbert Dordick Endowed Mentor Award

Hispanic Business Student Support Match Scholarship

Old North Clock Renovation Fund

Old North Renovation Fund

Randal and Kimberly Ice Endowed Scholarship

Regent Belva Prestidge Howard Endowed Scholarship

Robert Aldridge Armed Forces Scholarship

Steve Garrett Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Women of AT&T Scholarship


Alternative Transportation Fund

Mitchell Hall Building & Grounds Fund



Baseball General Fund

Baseball Scholarship

Homerun Club Fund


Men's Basketball General Fund

Men's Basketball Scholarship

Women's Basketball General Fund

Women's Basketball Scholarship

Cross Country

Women's Cross Country General Fund

Women's Cross Country Scholarship


Football General Fund

Football Locker Room Facilities Upgrade Fund

Football Scholarship


(The) C Club Fund

(The) C Club Scholarship

Annual Fund – Athletics

Citizen Bank of Edmond UCO Athletics Scholarship

Donald and Shigeko Burget Athletic Endowed Scholarship

General Athletic Scholarship

General Athletics Fund

Life Skills Fund

Men's Athletic Support Fund

Soccer Capitol Projects & Facilities

Stampede Club Operations Fund

Strength & Conditioning General Fund

Women's Athletic Support Fund


Dr. Joan Bottger Endowed Golf Scholarship

Men's Golf General Fund

Women's Golf General Fund

Men's Golf Scholarship

Women's Golf Scholarship


Women's Rowing General Fund

Women's Rowing Scholarship


Women’s Soccer General Fund

Women's Soccer Scholarship

Women's Varsity Soccer Development Fund


Softball General Fund

Softball Scholarship


Women's Tennis General Fund

Women's Tennis Scholarship

Track& Field

Women's Track & Field General Fund

Women's Track & Field Scholarship


Dr. Joan Bottger Endowed Volleyball Scholarship

Mark Herrin Volleyball Scholarship

Women's Volleyball General Fund

Women's Volleyball Scholarship


Wrestling General Fund

Wrestling Scholarship

Chambers Library

(The) Larry Musslewhite Fund

Annual Fund Library

Chambers Library Endowment Fund

Chambers Library Honor with Books Fund

Dale Edward McConathy Endowed Library Fund

Friends of the Library Endowment

Friends of the Library Fund

Library Staff Development Fund

Lucy L. & J. Gayle Chumley Book Collection Fund

Paul & Carolyn Freeman Forsythe Endowed Fund

College of Business


Accounting Department Advisory Board Endowed Development Fund

Accounting Department Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship

Accounting Department Advisory Board General Fund

Accounting Department Fund

Adler-McGurk Family Endowed Scholarship

Baird Kurtz & Dobson (Educational) Accounting Scholarship

Cheryl Weathers Scholarship for Accounting Majors

Cole & Reed P.C. Accounting Scholarship

CPAexcel: A Brighter Tomorrow Scholarship

Devon Energy Corporation Accounting Scholarship

Donald E. Criswell Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Chuck Stumbaugh Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Robert Terrell Endowed Chair in Accounting

Drs. Barbara and Ralph W. Parrish Scholarship for Accounting

Drs. Robert & Katherine Terrell Endowed Account Scholarship

Edmond Alumni Scholarship

Eide Bailly LLP Scholarship for Outstanding Accounting Majors

Grant Thornton LLP Endowed Accounting Scholarship

Lorren H. Beavers Endowed Accounting Scholarship

Robert & Elizabeth Walker Endowed Scholarship for Accounting

Roy Huckleberry Endowed Memorial Scholarship


Dr. Frank Wert Academic Scholarship

Dr. Michael Metzger Memorial Endowed Chair for Economics

Dr. Michael Metzger Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Economics

Dr. Sue Lynn Sasser Endowed Scholarship in Economics

Economics and International Business Department Fund

International Business Program Scholarship

Mitchell Foundation for Business Endowed Scholarship

Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Economics Scholarship

Outstanding Undergraduate Student in International Business Scholarship

Professors Mohamad Shaaf & Susan Hassed Travel Scholarship

Undergraduate Student Research Scholarship


Actuary and Insurance Club Fund

CPCU/H. J. Loman Foundation Insurance Scholarship

Dr. Donald E. Fleming Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Donald E. Fleming Scholastic Achievement Award

Finance & Actuarial Science Major Scholarship

Finance Club Fund

Finance Endowed Scholarship

Garry Ritzky Memorial Scholarship/Oklahoma Chapter of Risk Management Society

Mandeville Family Scholarship

NorthWestern Mutual Financial Network Scholarship

Oklahoma Insurance Financial Advisors Foundation Scholarship

Pre Law Society Fund

Real Estate Program Support Fund

State Farm Insurance Program


Barnabas Endowed Chair in Business

Barnabas Endowed Lectureship in Entrepreneurship

Center for Leadership and Business research

College of Business Annual Fund

College of Business Development Fund

College of Business Faculty/Staff Fund

College of Business Student Scholarship

David and Kay Bickham Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Carl Guild, Jr. & Dr. Thomas Guild Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Larry Foster Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Economic Club of Oklahoma

International Man of Mystery Scholarship

Jack R. Burchfield Scholarship

Kay & Harold Jackson Endowed Scholarship for Business

Shedeck Family Endowed Business Scholarship

SBDC Incubator

Small Business Development Center Fund

Troy and Dollie Smith Scholarship

UCO Center for Economic Education


APICS OKC Chapter Scholarship for Operations Management Systems Majors

Donald R. Moses Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Cheng & Feng Research Scholarship

Drs. Mark A. & Lisa Reynolds Scholarship

Information Systems/Operation Managements Department Faculty Endowed Scholarship

ISACA Central Oklahoma Chapter Scholarship

Jamie Furche Scholarship in Information Systems and Operations Management

Mary Robinson Memorial Scholarship

National Association of Purchasing Management - OKC David Henry Endowed Scholarship

Saba Bahouth Outstanding Student Scholarship

Saba Bahouth Scholarship for Operation and Supply Chain Management


Dr. Charles & Dr. Louise Rickman Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Ralph H. Mengel, II Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Renee Warning Endowed Scholarship in HR Management

Edwards Endowed Scholarship for PGM Program

Bernard and Lucille Hall Family Endowment

HR Society Fund

Management Department Scholarship

Oklahoma Golf Association Scholarship

Professional Golf Management Fund


David Henry Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Deryl Bass Sales Scholarship

Edward Jones Professional Selling Program Support

Edward Jones Professional Selling Scholarship

Marketing Development Endowed Fund

Paycom Payroll Professional Sales Scholarship

Professional Sales Program Support

Professional Sales Scholarship

Taylor Scholarship in Professional Sales


Louis D. Nagi Endowed Memorial Scholarship

MBA Program Fund

Military Science

Alvin Freiberger Endowed Award

Les O'Brien Endowed Memorial Scholarship

ROTC Program Fund

College of Education and Professional Studies

Advanced Professional and Special Services

Amy L. Wagner Endowed Scholarship for Reading Specialists

Dr. Harrison Hedley Way Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Scott F. McLaughlin Endowed Scholarship in Speech-Language Pathology

Educational Leadership Scholarship

Eley Fister Schaul Endowed Scholarship in Library Media Specialist

Gladys Dronberger Counseling Scholarship

Inez Miller Endowed Chair for Speech Pathology

Jacob Crabbe Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Karen McGrath Scholarship for Special Education Majors

Oklahoma School for the Deaf Edmond Regional Pre-School at UCO

Oliver Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Patterson Family Endowed Scholarship

Roy Rowland Memorial Scholarship

Speech-Language Pathology Fund

Tom and Mary Kate Aldridge Foundation Special Education Scholarship

Adult Education and Safety Sciences

Carl Breazeale Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Gayle A. Kearns Endowed Scholarship

Family and Consumer Science Endowed Scholarship

Harvey Mankins Endowed Scholarship

J.W. Weatherford Endowed Scholarship

Jessie M. Nelson Endowed Scholarship

Jimmie Thrash Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Leland and Pauline Cooper Endowed Scholarship

Lucille Patton Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Oklahoma Safety Council Scholarship

Organizational Leadership Major Scholarship

UCO Women in Safety Endowed Scholarship

Curriculum and Instruction

(The) Allen Family Endowed Scholarship

  (The) McCollam/Howard Family Endowed Scholarship

Alice Adele Way Endowed Elementary Education Scholarship

Elementary Education Teacher Scholarship

Helen Bauman Endowed Teaching Scholarship

JW & Bell Howard Endowed Scholarship

Mari Scott Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Curriculum and Instruction

Maxine Prather Endowed Scholarship in Elementary Education

Multicultural Education Institute Fund

Tracy Family Endowed Memorial Scholarship


Alvin Alcorn Endowed Scholarship

Annual Fund -- College of Education and Professional Studies

Betty B. Wetterstrom Scholarship Endowment

College of Education and Professional Studies Administrative Fund

College of Education and Professional Studies Development Fund

College of Education and Professional Studies Student Scholarship General

John and Maxine A. Kessler Endowed Scholarship

Roy and Marjorie Crews Endowed Professorship in Education

Urban Teacher Preparation Academy (UTPA) Fund


Emma Weaver Rodkey Endowed Scholarship for Graduate Education

Enid L. Jackson Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Elementary Education

Tommy C. Beavers Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Education

Human Environmental Sciences

Child Study Center Fund

Child Study Center Playground Fund

Cora Morton Loafman Scholarship for Human Environmental Sciences

Fashion Marketing Major Scholarship

FLE Faculty/Alumni Scholarship

Human Environmental Sciences Scholarship

Sue McCauley Leadership Award

Virginia Lamb Endowed Scholarship

Kinesiology and Health Studies

Carlos L. Wear Family Fund

Community/Public Health Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Joan Bottger Endowed Scholarship in Kinesiology

Dr. Kathleen Black Endowed Scholarship

Emma Plunkett Scholarship

Homer Coker Scholarship

Muriel A. Herbrand Endowed Scholarship

Phil Ball Endowed Sports Laboratory Scholarship

Ryanne Hauschild Scholarship for Kinesiology

Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research

(The) Keller Williams Scholarship for Teachers

Alpha Chi Chapter of the DKG Scholarship for Teachers

Dr. Charles and Larissa McBurney Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Janet J. Whites Graduate Assistant Scholarship

Guthrie Scottish Rite Charitable and Education Foundation Scholarship

Kappa Delta Pi Scholarship

Professional Teacher Educational Program Fund Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research

PTE Study Tour Fund ESFR Study Tour Fund

Teacher Education Scholarship Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research Scholarship


Dr. Fred's (Frederickson) Mentorship Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Mike Knight Endowed Scholarship in Psychology

Lois V. and Dr. Philip Ball Endowed Scholarship in Psychology

UCO Behavioral Learning Clinic

College of Fine Arts and Design


Academy of Contemporary Music Endowed Scholarship

ACM@UCO Artists Scholarship Endowment

ACM Fund


(The) Merit Scholarship for Illustration Minors

Bob E. Palmer Scholarship for Art

Dale Edward McConathy Endowed Scholarship for Art

Freshman Art Endowed Scholarship

Kyla Ewy Art Education Scholarship

Latisha Pollard Coffey Endowed Scholarship for Art

Ryan Wood Freedom Art Endowed Scholarship


Jamie D. Jacobson Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Dance

Kaleidoscope Dancers Endowed Scholarship

Lorraine Remmel Watson Endowed Scholarship

Ralph Blane Endowed Music Scholarship

Richard Denson Endowed Scholarship for Dance Education

Warren Armstrong Endowed Scholarship for Dance


Design Scholarship

Dr. Cheryl Myers Endowed Scholarship

PL Studios Graphic Design Endowed Scholarship

PL Studios Graphic Design Endowed Scholarship

Tinker Credit Union Endowed Outstanding Design Scholarship


Melton Gallery Publication Fund

Melton Legacy Collection Fund


All-Steinway School Initiative Fund

Annual Fund -- College of Fine Arts & Design

Band Fund

Broadway Tonight Fund

College of Fine Arts and Design Band Musical Instrument Fund

College of Fine Arts and Design Fund

College of Fine Arts and Design Scholarship

Don Betz Endowed Leadership in Arts Award

Dr. Ken R. Smith Endowed Fund for Music

Educational Assistance Fund

Harold & Juanita Swigeart Endowed Chair for Music

J. Kenneth Smith Endowed Fund for Music

Oklahoma for Arts Education Fund

Rapp Music Scholarship Incentive Endowment

Robert Glenn Rapp Upper Level Endowed Music Scholarship

Sky Arts Education Endowed Outreach Fund

Jazz Lab

Jazz Lab Fund

Kent Kidwell Endowed Jazz Scholarship


Academic Excellence Award in Honor of Ted Honea

Alexander Kearns Endowed Oboe Scholarship

Barbara K. Gilmore Endowed Scholarship Drama

Brisch Family Music Outreach Endowed Program Fund

Choir Division Endowed Fund

Dr. Jesse Webster Vocal Scholarship Endowment

Excellence in Piano Endowed Scholarship

Glenn Robert Rapp Chamber Music Scholarship

Helen B. Hyde Scholarship

Jack Sisson Music Scholarship

Jan Pokorny Steele Music Endowed Scholarship

Jill Marderness Bassoon Endowed Scholarship

Kay Starr Endowed Music Scholarship

Melvin Lee Endowed Music Educator Scholarship

Music Theatre Enhancement Fund

Peggy M. Spence Endowed Piano Scholarship

Remy-Morris Scholarship Endowment

Tamara Long Endowed Music Theatre Scholarship

Viola Bowman Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Wind Symphony Fund


D. Getzoff Endowed Theatre Design Scholarship

Hannah McCarty Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship

Richard Denson Endowed Scholarship for Dance Education

Theatre & Dance Development Fund

College of Liberal Arts

School of Criminal Justice

Dr. Sid Brown Excellence in Criminal Justice Research Award

W. Roger Webb Endowed Scholarship for Criminal Justice or Counter Terrorism


Doug Duke Endowment for Excellence Scholarship

H. B. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship for Debate

Lee Sherman Debate Scholarship

Tyler Henry Memorial Endowed Scholarship


Adam Luke Worden Memorial Scholarship

Barbara K. Gilmore Endowed Scholarship for English

Carol Hamilton Endowed Scholarship for Creative Writing

Clara Kessler Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dale Edward McConathy Endowed Scholarship

Danielle Lelene Barnes Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Stephen H. McDonald Endowed Scholarship

English Department Scholarship

Everett Southwest Literacy Prize

Grant Aguirre Endowed Liberal Arts Undergraduate Award

Loree M. Rice Endowed Scholarship

Lorraine K. Bell Endowed Scholarship

Michael Roy Finerty Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Bob Burke Endowed Scholars in Creative Writing Program

Wilson & Associates Endowed Scholarship in Creative Writing


(UCO) College of Liberal Arts Corporate Partners Awards

Annual Fund -- College of Liberal Arts

Diogenes Endowed Scholarship Abroad Scholars Program

Finney Endowed Scholarship Fund

Liberal Arts Awards

Liberal Arts Development Fund

Liberal Arts Fund

Liberal Arts Scholarship

Liberal Arts Study Abroad Fund

Mary Elizabeth Morelli Liberal Arts Outstanding Graduate Scholarship

Nathaniel Martinez Scholarship

History and Geography

Carolyn Pool Memorial Scholarship

David Webb Scholarship for History

Dr. Russell Goodno Scholarship in History and Geography

History & Geography Development Fund

History & Geography Scholarship

John Osburn Scholarship

Kenneth Rees Endowed Scholarship in American History

Paul V. & Carolyn Freeman Forsythe Endowed Memorial History Fund

Pugh Family Pioneer Endowed Scholarship for Geography

Stan Hoig Endowed Memorial Scholarship for History

Territorial Normal School Gallery Fund (UCO Museum)


Alumni and Faculty Scholarship for Philosophy

Applied Liberal Arts Scholarship

Humanities Philosophies Development Fund

Vivian Lanier Endowed Scholarship for Humanities

Mass Communication

Barbara Norman Endowed Communication Scholarship

Brian Jay Walke Ethics in Journalism Endowed Scholarship

Edith Kinney Gaylord Endowed Chair in Journalism

Dr. Ray Tassin Endowed Scholarship in Mass Communication

Gean Atkinson Endowed Scholarship for Advertising

Jack Deskin Endowed Broadcast Scholarship

Joe Hight Endowed Award for Mass Communication

Mass Communication Fund

Reba Collins Endowed Scholarship in Mass Communication

Stan Hoig Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Mass Communications

Stanley W. Case Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Mass Communication

The Dan Smith Photography Scholarship

The Vista

Wendell & Pauline Simmons Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Woody Gaddis Photography Endowed Scholarship

Modern Language

Cathy Stults Endowed Scholarship in French Studies

Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Endowed Scholarship

Nollert Family Scholarship in German Studies

Samuel H. & Elizabeth P. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship for Modern Language

Political Science

(The) Professor Leroy Crozier Internship Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Jamesd Caster Scholarship in Legal Studies

Dr. Randall Jones Outstanding Political Science Scholarship

Joe E. White, Jr. Political Science Endowed Scholarship

Lucille Hurd Perkins Endowed Political Science

Merle White Memorial Award

Pi Sigma Alpha Award

Political Science Department Endowed Scholarship

Political Science Endowed Professorship

Political Science Program Support Fund

Sociology/Substance Abuse Studies

Department of Sociology and Substance Abuse Studies Scholarship

Edmond Senior Community Foundation Scholarship

Institute of Hope Fund

Judge William & Lucille Myers Scholarship

Judy Leitner Scholarship in Gerontology

Odom Outreach Scholarship

College of Mathematics and Science


Biology Department Fund

Dr. Beverley Cox Endowed Scholarship for Biology

Dr. Ethel Derrick Endowed Scholarship in Biology

Dr. Margaret Hamilton Endowed Scholarship for Biology

Joe Vaughn Endowed Scholarship for Bioscience & Conservation

Marvin Mays Endowed Scholarship


(Department of) Chemistry New Student Recruitment Scholarship

Chemistry Department Fund

Cynthia B. Coleman Endowed Scholarship Fund

David Hart Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry

Dr. David von Minden Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry

Fred Grosz Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry

Larry Westmoreland Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry

Merle White Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Samuel H. and Elizabeth B. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry

Terrill Smith Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry

Tom & Carolyn Kupiec Endowed Science Scholarship

Verlin Richardson Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry

Computer Science

Computer Science Fund

Jan Douglas Endowed Scholarship for Computer Science

John Taylor Beresford Endowed Chair for Computer Science

John Taylor Beresford Endowed Scholarship for Computer Science

Engineering and Physics

Aerospace Alumni Endowed Scholarship

Beulah Richard Fetterman Endowed Physics Scholarship

Cancer Research Fund

Dr. Charles Hughes Endowed Scholarship for Engineering & Physics

Dr. Whit Marks Endowed Physics Scholarship

Engineering & Physics Development Fund

Engineering & Physics Endowed Scholarship

Engineering & Physics Student Learning Scholarship

Physics Scholarship

Ron Miller Endowed Scholarship for Engineering & Physics

Wei R. Chen Endowed Scholarship

Funeral Services

Department of Funeral Services Fund

E. M. Temple Always Central Forever Champions Endowed Scholarship

Funeral Service Laboratory Fund

Funeral Service Endowed Scholarship

Keri R. Haines Scholarship


(The) Zane & Linda Skinner Family Endowed Charitable Scholarship

Annual Fund -- College of Mathematics & Science

Carl Edward Northam Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Center for Undergraduate Research & Education Endowed Fund

Central Oklahoma Regional Science Fair Fund

CMS Laboratories Fund

Dr. Lee Beasley Endowed Scholarship for Pre-Dental

Dr. William Caire Seklman Living Lab

J. Michael and Kathryn M. Steffen Endowed Scholarship for Pre-Dental

Joni Lynn McClain, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Selman Living Lab Fund

Westmoreland Fun Fund

Math and Statistics

Dorothea Meagher Mathematics Award

Dr. Michael Metzger Memorial Ednowed Scholarship for Mathematics

Earl C. Rice Endowed Mathematics Scholarship

Helen Chastain Memorial Scholarship

John Taylor Beresford Endowed Chair for Mathematics & Statistics

Josephine Plunkett Endowed Mathematics Scholarship

Latisha Pollard Coffey Endowed Mathematics Scholarship

Margaret Bennet McAlester Class 1936 Endowed Scholarship

Mathematics and Statistics Department Scholarship

Mollie Barrett Tallant Endowed Scholarship

Samual H. and Elizabeth B. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship for Mathematics


Billie Heinzig Muzny Endowed Scholarship for Nursing

Elizabeth Wiebe Endowed Scholarship for Nursing

Eunice Boston Gay Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Evelyn Hamil Shopp Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Fallen Angels Scholarship

Grady and Reagan Pennington Endowed Scholarship

Johnson Tutoring Fund

Kecia DeAnn Stevens Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Martin Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Mary Ellen Lovelace Nursing Scholarship

Milah P. Lynn Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Nursing Department Endowed Scholarship

Nursing Department Fund

Nursing Library Fund

Nursing Skills Laboratory Fund

Rishi & Srikanth PA Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Sarkeys Endowed Chair in Nursing

Forensics Science

Annual Fund -- Forensic Science

ARL/DNA Solutions Endowed Scholarship in Forensic Science

Forensic Science Institute Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Fred Jordan Endowed Scholarship

Information Technology

UCO Information Technology Fund

Oklahoma A+ Schools

Oklahoma A+ Schools Education Scholarship

President's Office

President's Advocacy Fund

Presidential Partners

Student Affairs

  Central Pantry

(The) Student Affairs Endowed Fund

Delores Darlene Gage Endowed Scholarship for Community Engagement

Dr. Ronald Paddack Endowed Scholarship

Glenn Freeman Memorial International Scholarship

Parents Association Endowed Fund

Scholarship for 1st Generation Students

Student Support Services Program Fund

Swinging Fore Golf Scholarship Tournament Fund

Veteran’s Higher Education Resources Fund


2016 Fund

Annual Fund -- Wellness Center

Campus Recreation Fund

Fred Feith Intramurals Scholarship

Healthy Campus Fund

Olympic and Paralympic Sports Fund

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