Campus Ambassadors

Academic Affairs

Ms. Vickie Garlitz
Ms. Camille Kilbourne
Ms. Tracey Romano
Mr. Matt Shawdee
Ms. Susan Hanny
Ms. Michele Ramsdell
Ms. Saraa Kami

Administration and Finance

Mr. Will Heckenkemper
Ms. Lisa Jones
Ms. Ann Barnes

Mr. Al Jones

College of Business 

Dr. Randal Ice
Ms. Sue Haller
Dr. Jeanetta Sims
Dr. Ed Walker
Dr. Glenn Hsu
Dr. Saba Bahouth
Dr. Holly Osburn

College of Education and Professional Studies

Dr. Robin Lacy
Dr. Keith Higa
Dr. Susan Scott
Ms. Stephanie Canada-Phillips
Dr. Sylvia Hurst
Dr. Nora Gayzur
Dr. LaDonna Atkins
Ms. Lorene Roberson

College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Brenda Chappell
Ms. Janie Leftwich
Dr. Mark Janzen
Dr. Don Mizell
Dr. Jill Lamberth
Dr. Allen Rice
Dr. Teresa Moinette
Dr. Loren Gatch
Dr. Stephen Law

College of Fine Arts and Design

Ms. Barbara Weidell
Dr. Sam Magrill
Ms. Elisa Bierschenk
Ms. Hui Cha Poos
Ms. Amy Jacobson Peters
Ms. Deborah Baucom


Ms. Alissa Giacona

College of Mathematics and Science

Dr. Jim Bidlack
Dr. Kate Brashears
Dr. Michael Ferguson
Ms. Jackie Garman
Ms. Dawn Holt
Dr. Angela Knight
Dr. Ron Miller
Dr. Thomas Milligan

Forensic Science Institute

Dr. Thomas Jourdan

Information Technology

Ms. Jana Nickel

President's Office

Ms. Nancy Busby

Student Affairs

Ms. Molly Smith
Ms. Misty Davis
Ms. Fallon Casteel
Ms. Aleah Butler

University Development Office

Ms. Kristen Merritt

University Relations

Ms. Gypsy Hogan

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