Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Faculty and Staff Campaign?

Q. Can I specify where my contributions should go?

Q. What is payroll deduction?

Q. Can I designate my gift to more than one area?

Q. I can only give a modest amount. How can that possibly make a difference?

Q. What if my spouse works for a matching gift company?

Q. What are my payment options?

Q. Will my gift to the United Way count toward the Faculty and Staff Campaign?

Q. Is my gift tax deductible?

Q. Where do the funds go?

Q. What is a Presidential Partner?

Q. What if I am already a Presidential Partner?

Q. What is the UCO Comprehensive Campaign, and how does it relate to the Faculty and Staff Campaign?

Q. I'm interested in making a gift to the Faculty and Staff Campaign and a multi-year pledge to the UCO Comprehensive Capital Campaign. How do I do this?

Q. I just made a gift a few months ago. Why am I being asked for another contribution so soon?

Q. When will my gift be counted?

Q. Why does a state university need private support?

Q. Why isn't each University fund listed?

Q. Does every gift really make a difference?

Q. Why should my division have a campaign ambassador attend one of our department meetings?

Q. Who are the campaign ambassadors?

Q. Would someone from my department be allowed to turn in money from themselves to count for everyone in the department towards participation?

Q. Does making a plan to include the UCO Foundation in my estate plans count?

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