The Piper Family Gives Largest Gift of its Kind to UCO Department of Art

The Piper Family Surprises Central’s Art Department with Largest Gift Yet

Central’s College of Fine Arts and Design has found a new partner in the Piper family, who recently donated $50,000 to endow the Fulfilled Coffee: Living Fulfilled Initiative Scholarship in the Department of Art. 

The Pipers were first exposed to Central’s Department of Art through UCO art alumna and daughter of the family, Lexi Piper. 

“We used to come to UCO art shows and we loved them,” said brother Brandon Piper.

It was this initial relationship between Central and the Pipers that led them to think of UCO as a potential partner for their business.

The Pipers have plans to build Fulfilled Coffee on the corner of 6th Street and Boulevard in Edmond. There they hope to combine their love for great coffee and the local arts community by providing individuals with a place to decompress, relax and enjoy, which they feel is essential to living a fulfilled life.

“We’re already organizing a competition for art students of UCO where the prize is an exhibition of the winning student’s work in our coffee shop,” explained Charlotte Piper.

The Pipers gift to establish the scholarship is the largest of its kind for the Department of Art. 

“Being an art major in this job market can be scary, so we wanted to encourage students that there are still people who support the arts and are thankful for the beauty artists supply in daily life,” said Charlotte Piper. 

Department of Art Chair Charleen Weidell, M.F.A., appreciates the Pipers’ commitment to the arts and is excited to watch their new partnership grow.

“The Fulfilled Coffee scholarship provides students with a sense of pride that someone would recognize them in such a big way,” said Weidell.

“Support like this motivates our students to do their best work, and we look forward to this organic relationship forming between CFAD and Fulfilled Coffee.”

For more information about giving to endowed scholarships contact the UCO Foundation at (405) 974-2770 or 

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