The E.C. Hall Award

During the fall and spring semesters, each college and the Forensic Science Institute will, using their own criteria, select an E.C. Hall Scholar, following the procedures below. December masters’ graduates will be eligible for the spring semester award. May and summer masters’ graduates will be eligible for the fall award.

Early in the term, JCGS will supply each of the colleges and FSI with a list of those who graduated in the appropriate time period with a 4.0 GPA. Each College and FSI will review their list, using their own criteria, and select an E. C. Hall Scholar from that list, and simultaneously nominate that person to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies for the E. C. Hall Outstanding Graduate Student Award. The Graduate College will then notify each of these Scholars of their nomination and direct them to submit a two-page narrative showing their scholarly, creative, and/or professional achievements during their time as UCO graduate students.

From among these six college-level E.C. Hall Scholars, the Admissions and Retention Committee, together with the two assistant graduate deans, will select the E.C. Hall Outstanding Graduate Student, based on the students’ significant scholarly, creative, and/or professional achievements.

E.C. Hall Award Winners

Spring 2016--Bryan Dawkins

Spring/Summer 2017--Olivia Hernandez

Fall 2017--Igor Ilikj