Current Students

About the Graduation Process

Students who are enrolling in their final semester of course work should apply for graduation. Students wishing to apply for graduation can apply for graduation online or pick up an application form from the Graduate College, go to the bursar and pay an application fee and then return the completed form to the Graduate College before the deadline.

Deadlines to apply are:

Spring/Summer - February 15
Fall - September 15

To learn more about the steps to apply, visit our Graduation Information page.

About Tutoring Help

UCO offers free tutoring on campus at Tutoring Central (TC). TC is located in the northeast corner of West Hall. Their operating hours for Fall and Spring semesters are: 9am - 8pm Monday through Thursday and 9am - 1pm on Fridays. TC even offers 24/7 online tutoring. Call 405.974.2487 or visit their website to learn more.

About Time to Degree Completion

Graduate students are given a maximum of six (6) years to complete their degree programs. Graduate credit hours older than six years and up to ten years old are counted as half credit towards fulfilling program requirements. All graduate credit hours taken more than ten years ago will not be counted towards a master's degree program.

About Your Plan of Study

Students must meet with their Graduate Program Advisor to complete a Formal Plan of Study before the end of the first semester of coursework. This Plan of Study must be on file with the Graduate Program Advisor and with the Graduate College no later than the end of the first semester of course work. Course work listed on the Plan of Study must be completed before the student will be awarded the master's degree.

About Non-Continuous Enrollment Status

Students who have not enrolled and completed a graduate course at UCO for a minimum period of one year must apply for readmission as graduate students to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies, must meet the requirements for the program at that time, and must pay a $60 non-refundable application fee.

About Change of Program Requests

Students who wish to change from one graduate program to another must meet all admission requirements for the new degree program, meet with their new graduate program advisor to complete the Graduate Program Change Request form (available online or in the Graduate College office) and submit the request along with a formal plan of study for the new program, to the JCGS. Students must meet all admission requirements for their new programs, including those involving the undergraduate GPAs.

About Intersession Courses, Workshops & Transfer Credit Hours

Students taking Intersession Courses are limited to five (5) credit hours per semester. A maximum of six (6) workshop hours will be counted as graduate credit hours for any master's program. A maximum of nine (9) semester hours of graduate credit can be transferred in from an appropriately accredited university to apply towards a graduate degree program at UCO. These hours may be applied only if they contribute to the program, must be included on the plan of study and must be approved by the Graduate Program Advisor before transfer will be granted. Transfer Request Forms are online or available in the Graduate College office.

About Full-time Status

For Federal aid eligibility purposes, graduate students enrolled in nine (9) or more graduate hours for all semesters are classified as Full-time students. Half-time status is 5-8 graduate hours for all semesters.

About Individual Study or Irregular Enrollment

Graduate credit may be earned through individual study or directed reading. A student is limited to 12 hours of individual study/directed reading with no more than 6 hours in any one discipline. Graduate Irregular Enrollment Forms must be submitted by the end of the third week of the current semester and are available online or by visiting the Graduate College office.

About Thesis Requirements

Once a student's thesis committee has been formed, the student must submit a signed copy of the Graduate Thesis Committee Form to the JCGS. Students can obtain the forms from their program department or online. For more information on Thesis preparation and submission, visit our Thesis Preparation Instructions page.

About the Graduate Catalog

To learn more about any of the subjects above, read the Graduate Catalog which is available in PDF format online. Any students wishing to have a copy of the current Graduate Catalog, can obtain a copy in PDF format online. For earlier versions of the Graduate Catalog, visit our Graduate Catalog Archives page.

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