International Academic Progress Reports

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About International Graduate Student Progress Reports
The International Student Services Office requests information on all international graduate students' academic progress each semester.

International graduate students are responsible for maintaining an overall graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher and are expected to have a full-time enrollment status. The progress report requests are sent to JCGS to insure that international graduate students are progressing toward obtaining their degrees in a timely manner, are maintaining an acceptable GPA and to give a close estimate of when the student will reach graduation.

The Graduate College keeps records of each student's progress, GPA and runs a degree status check each semester to avoid any deficiencies in the student's Plan of Study. When the Academic Report form is completed, usually within a two to three day time-frame, the Report is returned to the International Student Services Office.

For more information about attending graduate school at UCO if you are an International student, visit the International Student Services Web Site.