Graduate FacultyNear Howell Hall on campus

The graduate faculty at the University of Central Oklahoma are drawn from the faculties of the academic colleges of the university and are made up of those persons who clearly demonstrate the qualifications and expertise necessary to instruct and supervise graduate students. It is the stated goal and intent of the JCGS that the graduate faculty have a diverse background, representing a broad range of academic disciplines and specialties.

There are two types of graduate faculty membership: full members and associate members. Graduate faculty membership status (both Full and Associate) authorize the faculty members to instruct graduate courses and supervise graduate students. Full member status grants the faculty member permanent status in the graduate faculty. Associate member status grants the faculty member a 5-year membership term in the graduate faculty.

Please refer to the UCO Graduate Faculty Handbook for further details on the rules for gaining membership as well as the responsibilities of being a member of the Graduate Faculty at UCO.

Application for Graduate Faculty Membership must be made on the Graduate College form.