Couple seeking substance abuse counseling
Substance Abuse Studies at UCO trains professionals 

The master of arts in Substance Abuse Studies helps to develop skills in therapeutic as well as social advocacy areas for better treatment/facilities. Leadership/management skill development is stressed in order to keep pace with the field’s quickly evolving standards of best practices and legal/political changes. Moreover, this degree promotes sound research supporting proper advancements in the treatment of the debilitating diseases of substance abuse and substance dependency.

Training students to be competent licensed professionals in their field supports both primary goals of the UCO Mission Statement: 1) to provide excellent education enabling students to achieve their intellectual, professional, personal, and creative potential; and 2) to contribute to the intellectual, cultural, economic and social advancement of the communities and individuals it serves.

For more information on our Substance Abuse Studies master’s degree program, follow this link: SAS DEGREE PROGRAM, or contact Dr. J. Keith Killian, Graduate Advisor, at or call 405-974-5534.