College of Liberal Arts: School of Criminal Justice: History

History of the Criminal Justice Program

The undergraduate and graduate programs of the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Oklahoma were formulated to meet the needs of students who want to obtain employment in various agencies of the criminal justice system. The program was restructured after a meeting with various leaders in the criminal justice field. The required foundation courses represent suggestions from those leaders, who indicated that agencies desire individuals with a broad academic background in those areas.

Three options for an undergraduate degree were also created during the revision of the School's programs. The first option [General Criminal Justice] is designed to provide a broad base of knowledge for students who want to be employed in various agencies that comprise the criminal justice system. The second option [Police] is designed to provide students with more specific knowledge if they want to seek employment in a law enforcement agency. The third option [Corrections] is designed to provide students with more specific knowledge if they aspire to work within correctional institutions. Additionally, all options provide students with a basis for graduate work in the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Management and Administration or Master of Arts in Crime and Intelligence Analysis at the University of Central Oklahoma. After completing one of the three undergraduate programs, many students choose to enter non-criminal justice jobs, graduate programs, or law schools.

A student must seek admission to the University of Central Oklahoma and declare a major in Criminal Justice, selecting either the General, Police, or Corrections Criminal Justice Option. A Criminal Justice minor is also available to students. A student is required to maintain a 2.5 GPA in order to graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree* or minor in criminal justice. *Requirements and stipulations vary for entering the graduate program

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