A Word From Our Assistant Director

Every individual comes to the School of Criminal Justice with great expectations and dreams of what they want to do and where they want to go both academically and professionally. As part of the College of Liberal Arts, the new School of Criminal Justice expands on the Liberal Arts' mission by helping students realize their dreams through learning. UCO has long provided the profession with men and women who have contributed greatly to the field of Criminal Justice. Police Officers, Correctional Officers, Directors, Commissioners, Chief Executive Officers at every level have graced the roles of UCO. It is our intent to build on the solid foundation of the past, exploit the technological advances of today, and develop programs that meet the demands of the future.

Both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs provide the flexibility needed to prepare you for a wide range of professional opportunities. Whether you choose a career in law enforcement, the courts, corrections, criminal justices administration, crime prevention, or youth services, the knowledge you obtain and the skills you develop here will provide you with the tools needed to succeed. Welcome aboard! 

-Dr. A. DeWade Langley
 Assistant Director of the School of Criminal Justice