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Federal Agencies

Students may also go to, click on search, and then fill in "student practicum" for further listings. The contact person listed may change. Verify it through a phone call.

U.S. Marshall's Service

Mike Loup
(405) 231-4206/231-5664
200 NW 4th [2nd floor]
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Agency Description:            The Marshal Service captures fugitives, mostly offenses involving violent, sexual
                                           or drug related type crimes. They provide protection of federal judges and staff
                                           as well as federal witnesses. They transport federal prisoners in their own special
                                           planes. They also seize and auction all properties and possessions that were
                                           previously owned by convicted criminals.

Applicant Requirements:     (1)Must be a college student.
                                           (2)Student must obtain approval from SCJ Faculty (Before Applying).
                                           (4)Background check.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

Jeanne Gregory - Investigative Analyst
(405) 297-5060
55 North Robinson, Suite 229
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

* Internship put on hold due to funding limitations

Agency Description:            The ATF monitors and investigates the bootlegging of Alcohol and Tobacco.
                                           They also investigate federal firearms violations, as well as explosives.

Applicant Requirements:     (1)Initial interview with the special agent in charge of local office.
                                           (2)Background check.
                                           (3)Fill out federal job application.(*)

Placement Duties:               On site. Sit in on briefings, chain of command, court observation
                                           and office filings.
                                           *Takes 4 to 5 months to apply.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Valerie Ladner
(405) 713-4084
3301 W Memorial Road
Oklahoma City 73134

Rick Raines
(405) 290-3687
3301 W Memorial Road
Oklahoma City 73134

Applicant Requirements:     (1)Student must obtain approval from SCJ Faculty (Before Applying).
                                           (3)Background Check
                                           (4)Fill out federal job application.(***)

***Honors Internship Program: Very selective, one person per office, summer

Federal Correction Institute

(405) 319-7588
P.O. BOX 1000
El Reno, OK 73036

Agency Description:            Provides care, control and custody of federal inmates.

Applicant Requirements:     (1)Fill out federal job application.
                                           (2)Background check.

Placement Duties:               Work in housing unit with House Manager. Start paper works several months
                                           in advance.

U.S. Probation And Parole

Rod Rabon
(405) 609-5816
215 Dan A. McGee, Room 201
Oklahoma City, OK. 73102

Applicant Requirements:     (1)Student must obtain approval from SCJ Faculty (Before Applying).
                                           (2)Fill out federal job application.
                                           (3)Background check.

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