Criminal Justice Practicum Agency Listing

Criminal Justice majors are required to have a practicum experience to complete their education. Students are not allowed to enroll in CJ4900 or CJ4950 until they have secured a site and have received approval from Dr. Cleary or Dr. Bartgis.

Practicum/internship may be used as follows: from 1 up to 4 credit hours of pass/fail coursework. Only three credit hours of practicum/internship are required. Students may fulfill all three hours at one site or divide the credit hours between two placements. The three (3) hours are the equivalent to 120 hours of site work which translates as 40 hours per each hour of practicum. All students are required to take an exam halfway through the semester of the practicum, which is substituted for 5 of the hours.


  • Students should be of senior status.

  • Preparation should be started four or more months ahead of desired placement time, due to background checks, application processing, etc. involved.

  • Each student is responsible for securing his/her own placement. After securing placement, contact Dr. Shawna Cleary, COM 115F. Phone: (405) 974-5841. E-mail:

  • Remember that a professional presentation, both in dress and conduct, is required. Not only are you attempting to further your education and career, but also you are a representative of this university. Present a well-dressed appearance.

  • It is suggested that you begin to secure a practicum by writing a letter, such as the sample located in the link below.

  • Prior to the letter, call the desired site and ask for the name and address of the person responsible for student practicum positions since personnel changes may make this list inaccurate. The phone number and location should stay the same.

  • Student Practicum/Internship - Contact Letter (Sample)


Criminal or Juvenile Justice Agency's practicum or internship


* Fully read before seeking advisement on a practicum or internship

  1. You must be a Junior or Senior to enroll in the criminal justice undergraduate practicum (required) or undergraduate internship (optional). Graduate practicum or internships is optional and available only to graduate students. (See attached page for distinction between an undergraduate and graduate practicum and internship. You must obtain the CJ advisor's permission before enrolling in a practicum or internship.
  2. You are responsible for securing a criminal or juvenile justice practicum or internship placement. If you need information regarding prospective practicum agencies, see your CJ advisor. A list of agencies that have accepted students in the past is available on the shelf outside the department. Do not remove. You must obtain the site's approval BEFORE requesting permission to enroll. If your placement acceptance is revoked or not fully accepted for whatever reason, you must find another placement or withdraw from the course.
  3. You do not have to complete all three credit hours in one semester, not do you have to complete all credit hours at the same agency.
  4. Do not enroll in more practicum /internship credit hours than you can complete in the semester. If you request an "I" for the semester, your grade will be lowered one full grade for not completing the contracted hours during that semester in which you are enrolled, unless there is a compelling reason for your not being able to complete the hours as scheduled.
  5. The term paper must be submitted directly to the CJ advisor unless previous arrangements have been made. Giving the paper to the secretary, another professor, etc. May result in your grade being lowered one letter grade.
  6. If you have any questions, you may schedule an appointment with the SCJ advisor by calling at (405) 974-5501 or by e-mailing Dr. Cleary or Dr. Bartgis at or respectively.