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Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center & Juvenile Bureau

J'me Overstreet
(405) 713-6410
5905 N. Classen Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Agency Description:            To provide a temporary, secure, safe and caring facility for youth who require secure
                                           detention for their own protection or that of the community as well as to assure
                                           their appearance as needed for legal proceedings.

Applicant Requirements:     (1)OSBI and OKC background check
                                           (2)Written application
                                           (3)Interview with Director

Oklahoma County Juvenile District Attorney

Portia McNeil
(405) 713-1630
5905 North Classen, Ste. 301
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Agency Description:            Prosecutes juveniles accused of committing crimes in the Juvenile court system.

Applicant Requirements:     (1)Background Check

Placement Duties:               Help coordinate & contact witnesses, court observations, etc.

Public Defender of Oklahoma County

Melissa French
(405) 713-1550
320 Robert S. Kerr Suite 611
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Agency Description: Represent indigent clients in court process.

Applicant Requirements: (1)Extensive background check including, but not limited to criminal records & driving records.
                                       (2)Personal Interview

Placement Duties: Gather vital statistics, school/medical records. Act as liaison with witness to schedule appointments for attorneys and investigators. Contact legal and forensic experts on behalf of attorneys and investigators. Maintain strict confidentiality. Travel to different facilities involved.