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Curriculum Committee
The Curriculum committee is chaired by the Assistant Dean and consists of one representative from each department.

The committee is responsible for:

  • Curriculum development
  • Course/program changes
  • New initiatives
  • Academic standards
  • Faculty Development concerning curriculum and academic standards
  • Incorporating AQIP practices into the committee's work

The curriculum committee normally meets on Mondays from 3:15pm to 4:15pm during spring semesters.

Electronic Proposals

Library Committee
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Study Tour Oversight Council

The Study Tour Oversight Council reviews proposed study tours and makes recommendations to faculty members. The council also assists faculty members who may be considering organizing a study tour.

Fall 2016 Study Tour Proposals worksheet

Archived Study Tour Proposals

Tour Name

Document Links


The Cultures of Andaluciaía, Spain Revision
Dubliners Study Tour Revision

Germany: The Center of Europe
(Modern Languages)

Germany: The Center of Europe

Germany: The Center of Europe

Madrid and Barcelona: Two Distinct Spanish Cities Revision
Europe A La Mode Revision
Layers of Rome
Travel Photography and Video (Italy) Revision
China: The Historical Dragon (HIST) 20131017134657764.pdf
Layers of Rome (HUM) 20130926091014901.pdf
Layers of Rome (HIST) Layers of Rome
Madrid & Barcelona - Writing Places: From postcards to memoires Madrid and Barcelona
Germany: Kaisers, Crackpots and Captains of Industry
The Cultures of Andaluciaía, Spain
Germany: Europe’s Powerhouse
Polish Landscapes of Remembrance
Germany -- Munich and Berlin
Paris: A Moveable Feast
Cultural Study Tour of England ENG5970_ENG4970
Museum Study Tour -- Washington D.C.
Study Tour to Korea 20130730091206191.pdf
Media in Jordan/Germany 20121109112321261.pdf
China Study Tour 20121102124949662.pdf
Austria and Germany: Two Empires 20121003084439405.pdf
Two German Empires (GERM) 20121003085601130.pdf
Two German Empires (HUM) 20121003084622941.pdf
Layers of Rome (HIST) 20121003090415845.pdf
Layers of Rome (HUM) 20121003090842628.pdf
Cultures of Andalucia Spain 20121003091236059.pdf
London Dublin Study Tour 20121003091750350.pdf
Travel Writing in Spain 20121002140045115.pdf
South Korea Study Tour 20121001151430268.pdf
Italy and France "a la mode" 20120927090830449.pdf
Poland and Ukraine Study Tour 20121008144730369.pdf
A Study of European Media 20120920121141466.pdf
Media Production in Wales 20120711170825411.pdf
British Cinema in London 20120712135300877.pdf
Intro to Studying Abroad 20120716163210387.pdf
Madrid & Toledo from Medieval 20120717155444498.pdf
New York City Media Tour 2012020192226470.pdf
Travel Photography in Italy 20111026160119633.pdf
Austria and German Empires (Humanities) 20111028092734816.pdf
Austria and German Empires (German) 20111028093209547.pdf
Austria and German Empires (History) 20111028123442618.pdf
Layers of Rome (Humanities) 20111028093708490.pdf
Layers of Rome (History) 20111028153613322.pdf
London Dublin Study Tour 20111028154041362.pdf
Media and IPI World Congress 20111031135037497.pdf
Faces of France 20111031135535281.pdf
Cultures of Andalucia Spain 20111103131054945.pdf
Media Production in Wales MCOM 4970
Landscapes of French Louisiana GE 4970/5970
New York City Media Tour 20110303175523413.pdf
London Dublin Study Tour 20110304123002700.pdf

Symposium Committee

Mission of Symposium Committee:
The mission of the Symposium Committee is to provide a supportive and celebratory venue for Liberal Arts students to present their works of scholarship and research. The LA Symposium is dedicated to enhancement of and recognition of student learning.

Goals of Committee:
The Student Symposium Committee will

  • Coordinate the Student Symposium
  • Coordinate and develop applications and submissions for the student symposium
  • Manage Symposium budget
  • Publicize the Symposium
  • Plan assessment activities with ACIC

Academic Continuous Improvement Council
(2 faculty members per department plus graduate advisors when applicable. These members are encouraged to avoid serving on any other College-level committee)

The College of Liberal Arts is committed to becoming a leader in the area of AQIP implementation and assessment of student learning. As such, the ACIC will focus on integrating AQIP principles into the assessment of student learning and program review. Specifically, the committee will focus on:

  • Developing AQIP initiatives and assessing their effectiveness
  • Developing effective program assessment
  • Implementing SSCI program review
  • Implementing faculty development opportunities concerning assessment tools and issues
  • Disseminating assessment results

The committee will be chaired by the Liberal Arts College Assistant Dean and is comprised of two representatives from each department. Additionally, the Associate Dean develops assessment activities (with departmental Core Curriculum Coordinators) to assess Liberal Arts core curriculum.

Chair of Core Curriculum Subgroup:

  • Implementing Core Curriculum assessment during Symposium;
  • Disseminating survey results;
  • Creating and implementing inter-disciplinary assessment projects;
  • Creating assessment activities to measure Core Curriculum objectives in capstone experiences; and
  • Completing the Core Curriculum section of the yearly assessment report.

ACIC meets on selected Tuesdays, 3:30pm to 5:00pm