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Information for Faculty and Staff

Forms, documents and information previously found on the Links for Faculty page has been relocated to a share drive available to faculty and staff. If you are unable to access the share drive, contact Technology Support at or call 974-2255.

The CLA Tenure and Promotion document will remain on the website as faculty candidates have discussed reading it prior to their interviews. All other P&T forms will be accessed through the CLA Faculty-Staff Share Drive.

Links to the Key Request Form, Work Request Form, Custodial Service Report Form, Room Reservation Request Form, Pegasus Tech Request Form, and the Classroom Tech Request Form will remain on the CLA website, but may also be accessed via the Online Forms folder on the Faculty-Staff Share Drive.

If you find a broken link or if you know of a resource that should be added to this page, please contact Will Andrews.

Online Forms and Safety Information

Promotion and Tenure Information

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