Welcome from the Dean

Dean Catherine WebsterOn behalf of the faculty and staff in the College of Liberal Arts, thank you for visiting our web page.

Every day, we strive to fulfill UCO’s mission, to “help students learn” through transformative educational experiences. Whatever your field of specialization turns out to be, the foundational courses offered by Liberal Arts’ disciplines will be at the center of your college education.  This is why we like to say that the College of Liberal Arts is the heart of UCO.

Indeed, the Liberal Arts Experience equips students with both discipline knowledge and a set of skills and competencies that are essential to lifelong success in the world. It prepares students to speak clearly, write well, appreciate difference, ask questions, act ethically, participate, value the past, encounter the present, and create the future. Your personal Liberal Arts Experience will include value-added experiences that will enrich their entire lives.

To complement excellent classroom instruction, Liberal Arts departments sponsor a wide range of activities outside the classroom that enrich our academic programs.  These include special projects, film screenings, poetry readings, and a variety of other public events.  We host the annual Sherman Chaddlesone Lecture, the Liberal Arts Symposium, and sponsor Advisory Boards for both undergraduate and graduate students who wish to be involved in the life of their College.

A variety of student organizations and honor societies are await your participation and leadership, providing opportunities to extend your learning beyond the classroom and to work closely alongside fellow students who share your interests.  

The College and its eight departments also sponsor numerous scholarships and tuition waivers for our majors and minors.  Please visit our Scholarship web page at www.uco.edu/la/studentlinks/scholarships/ for further information about all of the funds supported through the College of Liberal Arts.