College of Liberal Arts: Department of English: 1890: Spring 2017 Issue

Table of Contents

Drugs of Abuse: Comparative Analysis of Drug Test Kits for Commonly Encountered Cannabinoids and Synthetic Counterparts
Viena U. Thomas, Heather J. Schafstall, & Thomas Jourdan

Artistic–Cultural Integration and Exchange: A Comparison of Baule and Guro Artworks
Olivia Musgrove

A Comparative Study of the Dragon As a Symbol of Authority in Qing Dynasty, China and Early 15th Century Italy
Jennifer Elton

The Politics of Rap Music in Brazil
Eduardo Batista

The Whitney Plantation: Examining America’s First Slavery Museum as a Trauma Site
Mattie Barlow

Theobromine Inhibits Myofibroblast: Differentiation, Proliferation and Migration
Alex McAlpin, Haris Zafar, Ashely Hughes, & Malorie Kalens

Analyzing the Instrumentalization of Affect of American Think Tank Websites
Michaela Mujica-Steiner

Sydney Vance

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