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Submission Guidelines

Submission Process

Students interested in submitting their work must complete the submission form. During this time, editors will review submissions to ensure that they follow the formatting guidelines, and students will be contacted regarding basic corrections, edits, etc. so they can resubmit as needed.

During the spring semester, student work can no longer be resubmitted, and acceptable submissions will be sent to a faculty review committee. If a submission is accepted, the author will be notified, and the work will be returned with notes for final editing.

Students must submit from a valid college/university email address. Additionally, all submissions should include a cover page with the following: Author's Name, Title, Abstract, Brief Bio (three to five sentences highlighting education experience). The submission should not include the submitter's name anywhere else on the document — only on the cover page.


The work must have been completed during the time that the student was enrolled as an undergraduate student, but work may be submitted for up to a year after graduating.

Submissions may have multiple student authors. Faculty co-authors may be considered, but 1890’s primary focus is on student research. No more than one article per author will be published in a single section of a particular issue.

Formatting Guidelines

Articles and creative work formats vary by discipline. Please refer to your discipline-specific citation and formatting style guides for more information.

Generally speaking, MLA is used in English and the humanities; APA is used in psychology and the social sciences; Chicago/Turabian is used in business, history, fine arts, and some humanities; CSE is used in biology and other sciences; IEEE is used in many branches of engineering, computer science, and information technology.

Submissions must be in .doc or .docx format. We currently only accept works that are written in English.

Images—including tables and figures—should be included both inside of the document itself, and attached to the email in a .jpg, .gif, or .pdf format. If the submission is simply an image, such as a work of art of photography, it is acceptable to simply send the image file, although .tif files would also be acceptable in this case.

APA • MLA • Chicago • IEEE • ACS • CSE • AMA

Quality of Writing

1890 does not currently have an expectation or limit for length. However, authors are expected to be as concise as possible with their writing.

Papers should be well-written in terms of the organization of ideas presented and in terms of grammatical and sentence-level construction. Authors are expected to pay close attention to grammar, language, and syntax. While our editors will work closely with authors to fix errors within the paper, papers may be turned away if the amount of errors could be seen as overwhelming for the editing team.


A submission to 1890 implies that all authors—including co-authors—have read these guidelines and agreed to submitting the work. Additionally, it implies that:

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