English Education Artifacts

State law requires all teacher education candidates have a teaching portfolio.  UCO uses PASS-PORT, an electronic portfolio.

To login directly to PASS-PORT, click here.

While you will have artifacts from numerous other classes, there are only five required English education artifacts:

English Education: Candidate Writing/Language Activities

               This is completed in English 3843. 

               -Upload (4) items:

               1.  Graded essay from part one

               2.  Reflection from part one

               3.  Copy of rubric for part two

               4.  Reflection from part two

English Education: Skills Demonstration

               This is completed in English 4843.

               -Upload (1) item:

               1.  Copy of lesson plan used for your skills demonstration.

English Education: Integrated Unit Plan

               This is completed in English 4843.

               -Upload (3) items:

               1.  Lesson plan from beginning of unit

               2.  Lesson plan from middle of unit

               3.  Lesson plan from end of unit

English Education: Mentor Teacher Field Experience Survey

               This is completed in Educational Psychology.

               -Upload (1) item:

               1.  A copy of the actual lesson you delivered for the field experience OR a

                    short narration of the lesson.

Reading Profile

               This is completed during student teaching.

               -Upload (1) item:

               1.  Reading profile, double-spaced, following set guidelines

Make sure you send each artifact to Dr. Laura Bolf-Beliveau for assessment.

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