Important Milestones

There are two major milestones for teacher education candidates at UCO:

§   Admission to Teacher Education

§   Admission to Student Teaching/Concurrent

Each of these milestones is fully described at the Teacher Education Services website available on the College of Education and Professional Studies website.

In addition to reviewing the information provided on this degree path, you will need to apply for admission to teacher education and admission to student teaching.  To apply for these, you must follow the directions located here.

Some of the requirements for admission to teacher education are:

               -Minimum GPA of 2.75 (or minimum of 3.0 in last 30 hours completed at UCO)

               -All coursework in English must be completed with a C or higher

               -All coursework in PTE courses must be completed with a C or higher

               -40 hours of course work must be successfully completed by the end of semester of


               -Completion of PTE 3023 or currently enrolled in this course

               -Proficiency in written/oral language as indicated by C or higher in English 1113 or


               -Completed Code of Ethics

               -Passing score on the OGET

               -Active portfolio (PASS-PORT account)

               -Interview with Dr. Bolf-Beliveau

For a full list, access the Teacher Education Handbook here.

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