Tests & Certification

As English education teacher candidates, you will be required to pass three state tests:

Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET)

               Take this test first.  You must have a passing score of 240 to be admitted to

               Teacher Education.

 Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT)-Register for Test #007

               Teacher candidates must pass this test with an overall score of 240 PRIOR to

               being allowed to student teach. 

 Oklahoma Profession Teacher Examination (OPTE)-Register for 6-12 Test

               This test is usually taken during the last half of your student teaching


More information, study guides, and registration details can be found here:

Dr. Bolf-Beliveau holds review sessions for the OSAT once during the fall and once during the spring semester.  Please email her for more details.

Here are some general guidelines for preparing for the OSAT:

1)     Study the guide and practice test available on the state certification website;

2)     Review your English course syllabi;

3)     Go to UCO's library and use the study guides available on the third floor.

On the day of the test, these tips may help:

1)     Don't read anything into the question;

2)     Turn the question into a statement;

3)     Read the question and choices at least twice before answering;

4)     Circle key words;

5)     Eliminate any choices that seem highly unlikely;

6)     Trust your instincts;

7)     Mark your answers in the test book-fill in bubbles later;

8)     Watch the clock and don't get bogged down on one question.

In addition to the Constructed Response/Written Essay section, expect the following on the multiple-choice section (these are approximate numbers):

¤  Listening, Viewing, & Speaking (20 questions)

¤  Writing Process & Applications (30 questions)

¤  Reading Process & Comprehension (20 questions)

¤  Language and Literature (20 questions)

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