The Papers: Imitation/Adaptation

The book was better....

Every summer, sequels and remakes of films rake in millions of dollars.  Adaptations of novels have been Hollywood fodder for over a century.  We are a culture recycled.  In the end, is there ever a clear winner in "the book was better/the film was better" debate?

Imitations, variations, and adaptations exists in every genre and form of art, be it song, poem, short story, film, etc.  However, "variation" and "adaptation" have different meanings; variation  utilizes the source text and create a new text within the same generic form.  Simply put, if you create a variation on a song, your work will take the form of a song.  Adaptations follow a different set of criteria:  your final product will be in a different genre than the original.  If you adapt a scene from a film, your paper may be in an objective essay or poem.

The goal of this assignment is found in the accompanying commentary essay, which should cover all aspects of your variation or adaptation: why you chose the source text, why you chose your particular form of adaptation or variation, and most importantly, what the interpretation means.  This essay should uncover how the themes of the original text are altered or preserved, and how, in your new vision. 

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