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What to Expect in a Portfolio Class (Whether 1113 or 1213):

Some composition courses at UCO use a portfolio system to evaluate your work. A portfolio is simply a collection of your work that you submit for a grade. This system allows for multi‐ ple revisions to your work before submitting it for a final grade. If you are taking one of these courses, your instructor will tell you on the first day of class. Below you will find the typical cycle of an essay written for a portfolio‐based course.

The Life Cycle of an Essay:

  1. A paper is assigned
  2. Students write a rough draft of the paper
  3. Instructors conference over or workshop the draft
  4. Students revise the draft, taking into consideration suggestions made during conferences and workshops
  5. Students turn in the revised paper with its drafts
  6. Instructors evaluate the paper based on criteria established in the class (no letter grades are assigned at this point)
  7. Instructors hand the paper back with the evaluation attached
  8. Students continue to revise the paper based on the evaluation
  9. If students want their instructor to look at more drafts, they must attend instructor's office hours
  10. When students feel the draft is finished, they put the final version and all its drafts into the portfolio (either an actual folder or binder or a virtual one)
  11. Students turn in the portfolio at midterm and at the end of the class to be graded
  12. The portfolios are graded using the same criteria as the evaluative draft, but for the portfolio one holistic letter grade will be assigned

What to Expect in ENG 1113:

English 1113, English Composition, will focus on developing the following aspects of written English:

English 1113 will not focus on the following:


In a typical section of ENG 1113, students may expect to encounter some or all of the following assignments:

What to Expect in ENG 1213:

ENG 1213, English Composition and Research, has two main goals: 1) to teach you how to write convincing arguments, and 2) to introduce you to the conventions of academic research. ENG 1213 will continue with the foci of ENG 1113 and will add the following:


In a typical section of ENG 1213, you should expect to encounter some or all of the following:

Other Things to Expect in ENG 1113 and 1213:

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