College of Liberal Arts Room Reservation Form - Student Organizations

Special Instructions: If you are an on-campus group with a faculty sponsor, you must include the faculty sponsor's name and contact information.

If you are a faculty member needing a room for something like a thesis defense or a faculty organization meeting or if you are reserving space for an off-campus group, a community group or a group not affiliated with the University of Central Oklahoma, please use the Faculty/Staff and Off-Campus Group reservation form located here.

If you would like to request a specific room, you may use our building map as a guide. Numbers in the top-right corner of each room on the map indicate the maximum occupancy. Small rectangles in rooms indicate that the room is furnished with desks. Larger horizontal bars indicate rooms equipped with tables. Unless otherwise noted, all rooms are equipped with computers and projectors or flat-screen monitors.

PLEASE NOTE: Submission of the reservation form is not a guarantee that a specific room will be available. A member of the College of Liberal Arts' staff will contact you to confirm the reservation. If this form is not submitted within 48 hours prior to the event, excluding weekends, we cannot guarantee it will be scheduled.

The links below will offer representative views of the rooms available for reservation.

If your group requires access to UCO’s wireless network, please contact our IT support team using this form and provide information on the numbers of users and the date you will need access.

If you are unable to submit your request or encounter an error, please send an e-mail to Will Andrews, Liberal Arts Web Developer, and include the reservation information.

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Please enter the following information for the person making the room reservation request.
On-Campus Group Information
If this reservation is for an on-campus, faculty-sponsored group, please provide the faculty sponsor's contact information
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Audiovisual/Technical Support  [Help]

If you do require additional audiovisual services you must also fill out  the Classroom Technical Request Form.

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