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Department of History and Geography Alumni

We celebrate the achievements of our alumni network. Letting us know what you are doing with your UCO degree in geography, history, history education or museum studies helps us recruit future Bronchos. To add your information to the department’s alumni listing, please contact administrative assistant Annamaria Martucci, amartucci@uco.edu or (405) 974-5277.

Anne Allbright (BA in History, 2004, MA in History-Museum Studies, 2006), PhD in history from Southern Methodist University. Anne lives in Italy.

Daisy Allen (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2017), Collection Manager, Philmont Scout Ranch Museum, Cimarron, New Mexico.

Bobby Anderson (MA in History, 1997), retired since 2004 from the University of Oklahoma Libraries.

Connie Armstrong (MA in History, 2005), Executive Director, Oklahoma Center for the Book, Oklahoma Department of Libraries.        

Rickey Avery (BA in History, 2000), JD from the University of Oklahoma in 2003. Rickey is a partner at Avery, Kurtz & Valerio, PLLC, in Oklahoma City specializing in oil and gas title examination.

Tamera Babbit (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2009, MA in History-Museum Studies, 2011), Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, Oklahoma City.

Aaron Bachhofer (MA in History, 2006), PhD in history from Oklahoma State University. Aaron serves as Associate Dean, Rose State College, Midwest City.

David Baird (BA in History and Geography, 1961), Dean Emeritus of Seaver College and Howard A. White Professor Emeritus of History, Pepperdine College, Malibu, California.

John Baldridge (BA in History Education, 2010), Geography Teacher, Mount St. Mary's, Oklahoma City.

Melissa Bettis (MA in History, 2017), Airforce Logistics Manager, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City.

Jennifer Beveridge (BA in Geography, 2017), GIS Specialist, Association of Central Oklahoma.

Barbara Bilek (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2013), Instructor, College of Professional and Continuing Studies, University of Oklahoma.

Jonathan Blazs (BA in Geography, 2010), GIS Manager, OGE Energy Corp.

Scott Booker (BA in History, 1990), CEO, ACM@UCO.

Hayley Bowman (BA in History, 2018), a graduate student in history at Marquette University.

Misty Breed (BA in History, 2006), Recruiting Specialist, Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma, Oklahoma City.

Nancy Brewer (BA in History Education, 1998, MA in History, 2000), Teacher, Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School, Oklahoma City.         

Bryan Britt (BA in Geography, 2008), GIS Consultant, Avenue Informatics.

Michelle Brockmeier (BA in History, 1992, MA in History, 1994), Professor of History, Rose State College, Oklahoma City.

Erin Brown (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2008), Curator of Collections, Oklahoma Territorial Museum, Guthrie.

Randy Brown (BA in Geography, 2009), GIS Professional, Gateway-Full Circle Energy Services.

Sidney Brown (BA in History, 1971), Professor of Sociology, University of Central Oklahoma, 1991-2011; Litigator, Green & Brown Law Offices, Guthrie.

Justin Burch (BA in History, 2008, MA in History, 2013), PhD candidate, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Bryan Burroughs (BA in History, 2013), Teacher, Mustang High School, Oklahoma City.

Chelsea Ball Burroughs (BA in History Education, 2015), pursuing the PhD in history at the University of Oklahoma, Education Curator, Oklahoma History Center, Oklahoma City.

Joanna Butterworth (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2015), Archivist, Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.

Cheryl Caffee (BA in History, 2013, MA in History, 2016), History Instructor, University of Central Oklahoma.

Deah Caldwell (BA in History, 2007, MA in History, 2010), Instructor, University of Oklahoma.

Jefferson “Biko” Caruthers (MA in History, 2017), PhD program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Justin Castro (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2008), PhD from the University of Oklahoma, Assistant Professor, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas.

David Cea (BA in History, 2014), MA in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago with a dual focus in Human Rights and History.

Alan Chaple (MA in History, 2016), Historical Researchers and Home Renovator.

Kara Christy (BA in History, 2012), Veteran Care Specialist, Neurolumen LLC, Oklahoma City.

John Corpolongo (BA in History, 2012), pursuing the PhD in history at the University of Oklahoma.

Patrick Costello (BA in Geography and Cartography, 2010), Dispatch Support at Darigold. Worked as Senior Imagery Support Specialist at Digital Globe from 2010-13 and Water Quality Intern at Oklahoma Conservation Commission in 2013.

Mallory Covington (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2009, MA in History-Museum Studies, 2011), Research, Manuscripts Archivist, Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City.

Kaitlyn Crawford (BA in History, 2016), Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society Archivist, Oklahoma Historical Society.

Aaron Cristofaro (BA in Geography, 2016), GIS Technician, Apple, Austin.

Kenny Crowel (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2016), Tinker Air Force Base.

Chris Cullins (BA in History Education, 2016), Machinist Mate, United States Navy, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Tobie Cunningham (BA in History-Museum Studies, 1999, MA in History-Museum Studies, 2004), Associate Registrar of Collections and Exhibits, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Kelly Curtright (MA in History, 1992), Social Studies Consultant and Educator, Cilo, Michigan.

Weston Dattilo (BA in Geography, 2012), GIS Analyst, Chesapeake Energy.

Kathy Dickson (BA in History, 1978), Director of Museums & Historic Sites, Oklahoma Historical Society.

Tabatha Toney Douglass (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2009, MA in History-Museum Studies, 2010), PhD in History from Oklahoma State University.

Leigh Dudley (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2013), Director, Federal Judicial Learning Center and Museum, Oklahoma City, and History Instructor, University of Central Oklahoma.

Sarah Dumas (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2013), Director of Education and State Coordinator for Oklahoma National History Day, Oklahoma Historical Society.

Melanie Duncan (BA in Geography, 2009), GIS Professional, Devon Energy.

Sherri Duncan (BA in History Education, 2011, MA in History-Museum Studies, 2013), Associate Registrar, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Brad Duren (MA in History, 1994), Dean, College of Arts and Education and Professor of History, Panhandle State University, Goodwell.

Angel Eakers (BA in History, 2003 and MEd in 2016)

Tamara Elder (MA in History, 1997), Curator, Collections and Special Projects, Oklahoma Historical Society.

Richard Evans (MA in History, 2014), Customer Care Representative, Avaya, Moore.

Clarissa Everly (BA in Geography, 2015)

Timothy Foredenbacher (BA in Geography, 2009), Senior Geological Technician, Chesapeake Energy.

Naomi Everett Franklin (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2013), Archivist, Gilcrease Museum.

Jason Hadley (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2006, MA in History, 2017), Digital Imaging Specialist, Oklahoma Historical Society.

Jason Harris (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2006, MA in History-Museum Studies, 2008), Director, Chisolm Trail Museum, Kingfisher.

Maxton Harris (BA in Geography, 2016), Intern, City of Oklahoma City Planning Department, Oklahoma City. Max is pursuing the masters in Regional and City Planning at the University of Oklahoma.

Rickey Harvey (BA in History Education, 2000, MA in History 2002)

Holly Hasenfratz (BA in History, 2010), Digital and Institutional Archivist, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Dave Heaverin (BA in History Education, 2012, MA in History, 2013), Teacher, Edmond Santa Fe, Edmond, PhD student in Swansea@UCO program, and History Instructor, University of Central Oklahoma.

Amie Hendrickson (BA in History, 2006), General Manager and Sommelier, Edmond Wine Shop.

Chelsea (Mitchell) Herrod (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2015), Collections Assistant, Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas.

Kellie Howell (BA in History, 2010), Partner, Sansone Howell LLC, Del City.

Lance Janda (BA in History, 1989, MA in History, 1990), Professor of History and Department Chair, History and Government, Cameron University, Lawton.

Jacob Jeffrey (BA in History, 2016), Outdoor Education, Nuhop Center, Perrysville, Ohio.

Erica Johnson (BA in History, 2005), PhD from Florida State University, Assistant Professor of History, Francis Marion University, Florence, South Carolina.

Michael Johnson (BA in History, 2015), Customer Service Operations, American Airlines, Tulsa.

Craig Johnston (BA in History, 1981), Attorney, MKK Law Firm, Oklahoma City.

Tamra Banks Johnston (MA in History, 2017), history instructor, Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City.

Abigail Jones (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2012), Assistant Director, The Museum Broken Arrow.

Justin Jones (BA in Social Studies Education) – football coach – Bishop McGuinness

Leslie Jones (MA in History, 2010), Professor of History, Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City.

Erin Karl (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2009), History Instructor, University of Central Oklahoma.

Suzanne Kelley (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2003), Editor in Chief, Assistant Professor of Practice, North Dakota State University.

Jacob Kniffen (BA in History Education, 2014), History Teacher, Moore High School.

Ryan Kowalewski (BA in History Education, 2015), Graduate Assistant Football Coach, University of Central Oklahoma, and former social studies teacher at North Shore Senior High School.

Sarah (Webb) Kramer (MA in History, Museum Studies, 2013), Archaeologist.

Kathleen Kuhl (BA in History Education, 2008, MA in History, 2013), PhD Student, Swansea@UCO.

Maggie Lagle (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2017), Historian, USGA Golf Museum, United States Golf Association, New Jersey.

Sam LaSala (MA in History, 2016), PhD student in history, Oklahoma State University.

Cody Lathrop (BA in Geography, 2008)

Michael Lemoine (BA in Geography, 2017), graduate student in Coastal Sustainability at the University of South Florida.

Hugh Long (MA in history, 2010), Corporate Legal Counsel, Love’s Travel Stops, Oklahoma City. Hugh was the first of two students to enroll in the Applied Research in London course in 2009. Upon completion of his thesis on Lloyd’s of London, Long attended the University of Notre Dame School of Law.

Will Long (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2018), Director of the 99s Museum of Women Pilots, Oklahoma City, and Preparator, Museum of the Bible.

Matthew McFarland (BA in History Education, 1999), Geography Teacher, Nicoma Park Middle School.

Megan Malone (BA in History, 2016), Office Manager, Mugg Scott & Winston.

Kamiar Mehrabian (BA in History Education, 2014), History Teacher, Moore High School.

Tre Miller (BA in Geography, 2017), Technician Administration, City of Oklahoma City.

Taylor Mills (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2018), Curator, Chisolm Trail Museum, Kingfisher.

Michael Molina (BA in History, 2010, MA in History, 2012), PhD in history from the University of Oklahoma, Librarian, Oklahoma Transportation Library, Norman.

Jeff Moore (MA in History-Museum Studies, 1994), Executive Director, OKPOP, Oklahoma Historical Society, Tulsa.

David Morand (BA in History, 2016), Librarian, Metropolitan Library System.

Lea Morgan (BA in History Education 1989)

Christina Naruszewicz (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2015), Collections Manager of the Ethnology Department, Sam Noble Museum, Norman.

Kathi Nehls (BA in History, 2005), PhD in history from the University of Georgia, Assistant Professor of History, Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska. Kathi specializes in modern U.S. social and cultural history, with teaching and research emphases in the American West, American Indian history, environmental, and women’s and gender history. Her current book project examines how western state health officials shaped the nation’s health policies and built the capacities of the modern American state.

Ashley Nelson McCray (MA in History, 2012), human rights and activism, running for a seat on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Dexter Nelson (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2016), Exhibits Manager/Curator of Comic Books, OKPOP, Oklahoma Historical Society, Tulsa.

Kera Newby (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2012), Digital and Manuscript Archivist, National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City.

Hosok O (MA in History), PhD in History from Oklahoma State University, History professor, Dixie State University, St. George, Utah.

Larry O'Dell (MA in History), Development Director, Oklahoma Historical Society.

Johnathan Phillips (BA in Geography, 2011), Floodplain Management Specialist, Oklahoma Water Resource Board.

Taylor Ponder (BA in History Education, 2016), Social Studies Teacher, Harding Charter Preparatory High School, Oklahoma City.

Hannah Powell (BA in Geography, 2011), Transportation Planner, Association of Central Oklahoma Governments.

Jillian (Goodman) Ramick (BA in History), Licensed Attorney, Stinson Law Office, Edmond.

Veronica Redding (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2018), Assistant Registrar, Oklahoma Historical Society, processing the Sonic Corporation Collection.

Jim Ricker (MA in History-Museum Studies, 1993), Archeologist, Cultural Resource Manager, JCR Cultural Resources.

Lauren Riepl (BA in History, 2010, MA in History, 2016), Board Director of Oklahoma City/County Historical Society.

Ryan Roark (BA in Geography, 2013), GIS Analyst, Chesapeake Energy.

Jacob Roe (BA in Geography, 2014)

Brian Russell (BA in Geography, 2012), GIS Specialist, ONE Gas.

Yukie Saito (MA in History), PhD in History from Oklahoma State University, Foreign languages professor, Dixie State University, St. George, Utah.

Patrick Salkeld (BA in History, 2015, MA in History, 2017), History Instructor, University of Central Oklahoma.

Samantha Samuel (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2008), Credentialing Specialist, INTEGRIS, Oklahoma City.

Dennis Savill (MA in History, year), Debate and Yearbook Teacher, Crossings Christian School, Oklahoma City.

Lauren Schlepp (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2016), Curatorial Assistant, Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.

Kevin Seldon (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2009), lives in Fort Worth, teaches high school and part-time instructor at the community college. His book on Belleau Wood is forthcoming.

Jacob Shanahan (BAEd in History Education, 2015), teacher at Pathways Middle College, Santa Fe South School District. Pathways provides the opportunity for high school students to earn the associates degree while earning the high school diploma. At UCO Jacob served a supplemental instructor for Dr. Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen for Western Civilization to 1350. He has taken this knowledge and created new course curriculum at Pathways called Ancient and Medieval History. He teaches a variety of courses including Oklahoma history, US history and government.

Michael Shanklin (MA in History, 2004), CEO, Kidspace Children's Museum, Pasadena, California.

Shikoh Shiraiwa (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2015), Archives Specialist, Archives and Special Collections, UCO Library. Shikoh has presented his research and projects nationally and internationally, including Oklahoma Research Day, Mountain-Plains Museums Association, Association of Academic Museums and Galleries. In September 2018, Shikoh will receive the Emerging Scholar Award and will present a poster at the International Conference on The Inclusive Museum in Granada, Spain. In 2019 Shikoh will pursue the doctoral program in History and Cultural Heritage at the University of Helsinki.

Becky Smith (BA in History-Museum Studies), Oklahoma Territorial Museum, Guthrie.

Latrisha Smith (BA in Geography, 2014), Teacher’s Aide, Academy of Classical Christian Studies.

Chase Southern (BA in Geography, 2016), National Guard.

Karen Spilman (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2004), Librarian, Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

James Steinkamp (BA in History, 2015)

Josh Stone (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2013), Director, Transportation and Parking, University of Central Oklahoma.

Zach Tillery (BA in Geography, 2014), Lawn and Garden Supervisor, Home Depot.

Alvin O. Turner (BA in History, 1968), Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of History, East Central University.

Heidi Vaughn (MA in History-Museum Studies, 1998), Director of the Laboratory of History Museum, Department of History and Geography, University of Central Oklahoma.

Mary Vick (MA in History, 2011), Division Support Assistant of Office and Classrooms, Rose State College.

Christopher Wagner (MA in History-Museum Studies, 2017), Assistant Manager of Volunteer Services, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas.

Rachel Watson (BA in History, 2018), a graduate student in the MSEd Education, Culture, and Society program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Alyce Webb (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2012, MA in History-Museum Studies, 2013), PhD from Oklahoma State University; History Professor, Northern Oklahoma College-Tonkawa.

Bill Welge (MA in History, 1988), “Mr. Archives,” Retired Archivist, Oklahoma Historical Society.

Alona Whitebird (BA in History Education, 2016), History Teacher, Moore Public Schools.

Jeff Widener (BA in Geography, 2008, MA in History, 2010), PhD in Geography and Environmental Sustainability. Jeff serves as Director of the Center for Spatial Analysis, Associate Professor of Geography, University of Oklahoma.

Mila Wiezcorek-Pemberton (BA in Geography, 2016), GIS Specialist, Apple, Seattle.

Michael Williams (BA in History-Museum Studies, 2011), Registrar and Assistant Curator, Oklahoma Historical Society.

Kristin Winterrowd (BA in History-Museum Studies, 1998, MA in History-Museum Studies, 2000), Instructional Designer, Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City.

Kevin Yang (BA in History, 2012, MA in History, 2014), United States Postal Service, Madison, Wisconsin.

Torie York (BAEd in History Education, 2006), Teacher/Social Studies Department Chair, Edmond Santa Fe High School.