Bachelor of Arts: Geography

You may enjoy studying Geography if you:

  • Like to learn about other places
  • Like to travel
  • Like maps
  • Enjoy spending time outdoors
  • Enjoy learning about different cultures
  • See connections between humans and their environment
  • Try to see the big picture to understand the small one

The field of Geography offers a sold knowledge base and skill set that benefits a variety of careers, prepares you for graduate school and other life experiences! An understanding of the uniqueness and complexity of places, connections between places and human-environment interactions provides students with frameworks to solve many contemporary problems.

The geography major at UCO is a traditional program that emphasizes the breadth of the field (human geography, physical geography and geographic information systems). In our program, students develop their ability to thinking spatially and their geographic literacy. Regional geography courses provide students with a regional specialization (Europe, Oklahoma, etc.) while the topical geography courses explore a variety of subject matters such as environmental conservation, economic systems, migration and urbanization. Students in our program also learn to use geo-technologies, which are very much in demand.

While our program is small, we consider this to be an opportunity to get to know our majors and work with students individually. We welcome students to come by our office to discuss major and minor options or to find out how geography can enhance their degree program. Feel free to check out our faculty profiles and the link to the Geographic Student Organization.

Check out the American Association of Geographers Careers and Professional Development Resources to learn more about what geographers do.  

Degree requirements can be found in the UCO undergraduate catalog.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Michelle Brym, Geography Undergraduate Advisor
Office: Liberal Arts 204A
Phone: 405-974-5665