Bachelor of Arts: History

History is the study of us all, the study of our lives and our aspirations, our high hopes and our bitter disappointments.

History helps to answer questions like how did the world I live in come to look this way.

History prepares you to make sense of what is happening today, and understand the roots of today’s issues in the past.

History is stories about regular people, like you and me, stories about love and strife and hardship and triumph. History is the grand study of all of us, of all of our dreams and strivings, the stories of our struggles, of what brought us to this point.

History is rooted in our everyday lives, in the lives of your parents and grandparents and beyond.

History allows you to examine your culture, society, and the world in a broad framework.

History is about you, about where you came from, what came before you, and where we all might be headed.

History is not memorizing names and dates – it’s about understanding our world today and how this world came to take the shape that it has.

History is a discipline that trains you in a way that offers some of the most broadly applicable skill-sets, relevant to all sorts of careers:


As a history major, you will be trained to formulate research of your own, under the direction of a faculty member, and you will be trained to complete that work on your own terms.


As a history major, you will hone your skills in written and oral articulation of your work. You will be given the opportunity to express yourself, and receive close direction of a faculty member.


As a history major, you will have the opportunity to formulate an historical question, assess the feasibility of the project, and work it through from start to finish.

As a discipline, history helps equip you with the tools to tackle a wide variety of challenges in law, business, society, politics, and economics. History provides a solid grounding to understand the world from an informed position. As a history major, you will have a firm and interdisciplinary training that prepares you to make sense of the complexities of today’s global landscape.

If you have questions regarding this major contact Dr. Marc Goulding, History Undergraduate Advisor
Office: Liberal Arts 202H
Phone: 405-974-2838