Graduate Studies in History

The Master of Arts in History is designed for those who wish to further their knowledge of history and the historian's craft, prepare for doctoral programs, or pursue professional goals through the Museum Studies option. Course offerings reflect the Department of History and Geography's commitment to the highest standards of research and writing and to the development of an awareness and understanding of diverse cultures. A minimum of 33 semester hours is required for completion of the degree. Thesis and non-thesis options are offered

For information on graduate studies in history, contact:
Dr. Patricia Loughlin
Office: Liberal Arts 202D
Phone: (405) 974-5491

Degree Programs

M.A. in History  (catalog description)   (program brochure)   ( youtube logo Informational video)

M.A. in History -  Museum Studies (catalog description)   (program brochure)   ( youtube logo Informational video)

See the information below about these programs. For more information, consult the UCO graduate catalog found on the Jackson College of Graduate Studies website.

Other Information

Graduate-Level Seminars
Admission Requirements
Graduate TA positions
Advisement, Thesis, & Final Exams
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Graduation Procedures and Important Deadlines

Admission Requirements: 

Students seeking a M.A. in History must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with at least 18 hours of history with a grade point average of 3.00 in history. In addition, applicants must fulfill the following requirements before they will be formally admitted to the program.

A. Apply for admission to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies & Research, Room 404, NUC. See page 19.
Note: No student will be admitted to this program or to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies & Research who does not meet the program admission standards.

B. Meet the GPA requirement of 2.75 overall, and 3.00 in the last 60 hours attempted.

C. Be able to demonstrate research ability as determined by the Director of Graduate Studies (Graduate Advisor) and the Chair of the Department of History and Geography. 

D. Meet with the Graduate Advisor to develop a formal plan of study during the student's first semester of graduate work. A signed, complete copy of the plan must be filed with the advisor and the JCGS&R before completion of the first semester.

E. Complete all prerequisites, if any, as determined by the graduate advisor.


I have 18 hours of history, but I do not have a 3.0 GPA. Can I still be admitted into the program?
No. You must take additional courses to bring your GPA up to the required level.

While I have not taken 18 hours of history, I have taken a number of history related courses in other fields. Will those count? 
Courses taken outside a history department will not be considered for the 18 credit prerequisite. If a student feels a course should be considered, he/she must provide the graduate committee with a syllabus and /or other information about the course.

May I take graduate level courses while completing undergraduate prerequisites?
If it is only a matter of 3 or 6 credits, a student may also take graduate level courses to meet full time status. However, it is understood that a student will complete undergraduate prerequisites as soon as possible.

Graduate Teaching Assistant positions

Your application must include:

  • CV/Resume that includes undergraduate and graduate GPA
  • Transcripts (can be scanned to PDF in department if needed)
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Cover letter including statement of goals

Due date: Friday April 1st

Only email applications will be accepted. Email ALL materials within one email to:

Dr. Patricia Loughlin
Office: Liberal Arts 202D
Phone: (405) 974-5491

*Preference given to students who have not been awarded a TA position in the past