Katrina Lacher, Ph.D.
Department Chair
klacher@uco.edu| (405) 974-5592
Marc Goulding, Ph.D.
Assistant Chair
mgoulding@uco.edu | (405) 974-2838
Annamaria Martucci
Administrative Assistant
amartucci@uco.edu | (405) 974-5277

Department of History and Geography
University of Central Oklahoma
100 North University Drive
Edmond, OK 73034-5209
(405) 974-5291

Department of History and Geography

Degrees in history and geography encourage students to study culture, the environment, society and the world in a broad framework through research, communication and problem-solving. Dedicated faculty members provide exciting opportunities to learn through travel courses, conference presentations, internships, research projects, student organizations and honor societies.

The department houses talented professors of history and geography who are productive, student-centered scholars. The department includes a vibrant graduate program offering the MA in History and the MA in History-Museum Studies, the BAEd in History Education, the BA in Geography, the BA in History, and the BA in History-Museum Studies. In addition, minors include History, Geography, Indigenous Studies, International Studies, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Race and Ethnic Studies, Russian Studies, and Sustainability Studies.