Graduate Studies in History

The Master of Arts in History is designed for those who wish to further their knowledge of history and the historian’s craft, prepare for doctoral programs, or pursue professional goals through the Museum Studies option. Course offerings reflect the Department of History and Geography’s commitment to the highest standards of research and writing and to the development of an awareness and understanding of diverse cultures. A minimum of 33 semester hours is required for completion of the degree.

Degree Programs

M.A. in History - General
M.A. in History - Museum Studies

See the information below about these programs. For more information, consult the UCO graduate catalog found on the Jackson College of Graduate Studies website.

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Admission Requirements
Admission Requirements
Advisement, Thesis, & Final Exams
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Admission Requirements: 

Students seeking a M.A. in History must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with at least 18 hours of history with a grade point average of 3.00. In addition, applicants must fulfill the following requirements before they will be formally admitted to the program.

A. Apply for admission to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies & Research, Room 404, NUC. See page 19.
Note: No student will be admitted to this program or to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies & Research who does not meet the program admission standards.

B. Meet the GPA requirement of 2.75 overall, and 3.00 in the last 60 hours attempted.

C. Complete HIST 3113 Historical Research or be able to demonstrate research ability as determined by the Director of Graduate Studies (Graduate Advisor) and the Chair of the Department of History and Geography. 

D. Applicants to the Master of Arts in History - Social Studies Teaching must supply the Jackson College of Graduate Studies & Research with documentation showing possession of a current Oklahoma Standard Teaching Certificate or License.

E. Meet with the Graduate Advisor to develop a formal plan of study during the student's first semester of graduate work. A signed, complete copy of the plan must be filed with the advisor and the JCGS&R before completion of the first semester.

F. Complete all prerequisites, if any, as determined by the graduate advisor.

Q&AI have 18 hours of history, but I do not have a 3.0 GPA. Can I still be admitted into the program?
No. You must take additional courses to bring  your GPA up to the required level.

While I have not taken 18 hours of history, I have taken a number of history related courses in other fields. Will those count? 
Courses taken outside a history department will not be considered for the 18 credit prerequisite. If a student feels a course should be considered, he/she must provide the graduate committee with a syllabus and /or other information about the course.

May I take graduate level courses while completing undergraduate prerequisites?
If it is only a matter of 3 or 6 credits, a student may also take graduate level courses to meet full time status. However, it is understood that a student will complete undergraduate prerequisites as soon as possible.

Can one take HIST 3113 ( Historical Research) for graduate credit?
No. HIST 3113 is an undergraduate prerequisite and will not be considered for graduate credit.

Advisement, Thesis, & Final Exams


An Advisory Committee of three faculty members will be appointed to direct the program of each student. One member of the Advisory Committee will serve as chairperson and will assume the major responsibility for advising the student. The Advisory Committee for students for the Master of Arts in History - Social Studies Teaching will include three members from the content areas and one member from the College of Education. The Advisory Committee must be appointed before the second semester of enrollment. The department's Director of Graduate Studies will maintain all student records and will serve as an advisor in supervising the student's progress toward a degree.

Thesis Option

Students for the General History and Museum Studies option may submit a thesis as part of their work. (The Social Studies Teaching option is strictly non-thesis.) The faculty member who directs the thesis will also serve as the Chair of the student's Advisory Committee. Each student who writes a thesis will be required to take an oral examination of about two hours. One hour will be devoted to the defense of the thesis, and the other hour to an examination of the student's graduate course work. Any graduate student entering in the Fall, 2001 semester and thereafter who elects or is required to submit a thesis must publicly defend the thesis before the student will be allowed to graduate. A representative of the College of Graduate Studies and Research will be present at the defense. Students who choose to write a thesis must enroll in HIST 5990 - Thesis for a total of six hours.

In addition, the Advisory Committee may require the candidate to have a reading knowledge of a foreign language or other research tool which they believe essential for the completion of the thesis. The committee will strongly advise all students who plan to continue their graduate studies on the doctoral level to have at least one foreign language.

Final Examinations

Final examinations are required of all students. In each case, the student's Advisory Committee will serve as the Examining Committee. Non-thesis students for the General History and Museum Studies option will take written examinations prepared by their advisory committees. These students will also take an oral examination of one to two hours defending the written exam and covering their graduate course work. Students in the Social Studies Teaching option will take oral examinations. Each exam will be from one to two hours and will cover the graduate work taken by the student.

Resources and Opportunities

The University of Central Oklahoma, with an enrollment of over 15,000, is a metropolitan university located in the greater Oklahoma City area.  Campus libraries, archives, museums, and galleries offer students opportunities for research, service, and internship.  Located in the metropolitan area are several state institutions: the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, the Oklahoma Museum of History, the Oklahoman Museum of Natural History, and the Oklahoma Historical Society.  Major archival and material culture collections are also located at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum and the Western History Collections.

The Department of History and Geography houses the Ethic Studies program and the International Studies program.  The Western Pacific Institute, also sponsored by the department, serves as a forum for addressing Asian issues. Journals edited by the faculty include the Journal of Western Pacific, the American Review of China Studies, and the Southwest Social Science Review.

The department encourages students to engage in broad professional activities that enhance opportunities for employment and for acceptance into doctoral programs.  Many students publish in scholarly journals, present papers at conferences, attend meetings of professional associations, or assist in journal editing.  The Diane Neal Kremm fund helps to pay student travel expenses for research, paper presentations, and professional training. The department also has an active internship program and places students in museums and related institutions throughout the state and nation.  Students and faculty are active in UCO's award winning Rho Lambda Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the international history honorary society.  The Rho Lambda Chapter participates in regional conferences and sponsors speakers, films, tours, and social events.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Lindsey Churchill
Office: LA202C
Phone: 405-974-5671