Justin Quinn Olmstead, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History
Director of History Education
(405) 974-5279
Office: LAR 204E

Dr. Justin Olmstead

Fields of Study and Areas of Expertise:

History Education, First World War, Diplomatic History, 19th Century British Empire, US, World


Justin Quinn Olmstead, Ph.D.

Justin Quinn Olmstead is currently Assistant Professor of History and Director of History Education at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma. He presents at national and international conferences on the First World War and Diplomacy, including an invited lecture at The National Archives of the UK and the Institute for Historical Research. Additionally, he has acted as a content consultant for several books on the subject, and been interviewed for television and podcasts. Currently, he is on the executive committee of the Midwest World History Association and is the Treasurer and Director of Membership for the international organization, Britain and the World. His edited book Reconsidering Peace and Patriotism during the First World War was published by Palgrave/Macmillan in 2017. He has contributed a chapter on the impact of military drones on foreign affairs in The Political Economy of Robots, edited by Dr. Ryan Kiggins. Dr. Olmstead’s second book, The United States’ Entry into the First World War: The Role of British and German Diplomacy is due to be published with Boydell & Brewer in the UK with an expected publication date of November 2018. A second edited book currently titled, Britain in the Islamic World: Imperial and Post-Imperial Connections is also under contract with Palgrave/Macmillan with an expected publication date of mid-2019. His current research includes the role of private industry as part of British economic warfare during the First World War. Other projects include the leadership and relationship of President Eisenhower and Prime Minister Churchill and the diplomacy of alliances. Dr. Olmstead gained his Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield, England and is a member of the Royal Historical Society.


As Director of History Education, Justin teaching courses that are designed to help train the next generation of history teachers in Oklahoma’s middle and high schools. Justin also offers courses in his areas of specialization. In all of his courses, Justin has students look at the political, social, and cultural landscape of the period in question, as well as exploring the key debates of the period. It is his preference to run his classes as a discussion of the topics and less as a lecture. He also prefers to add primary source documents to the discussion, allowing students to explore the original source in addition to the ideas of the authors assigned for class readings.

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  • HIST 1483 US History since 1877
  • HIST 3113 Historical Research
  • HIST 3133 US History to 1815, for History Education Majors
  • HIST 3143 US History 1815-1914, for History Education Majors
  • HIST 4163 US History 1914-Present, for History Education Majors
  • HIST 4203 American Diplomatic History to 1900
  • HIST 4213 American Diplomatic History in the 20th Century
  • HIST 4803 Social Science Methods
  • The First World War