Michael Springer, Ph.D.

Professor of History
Director, Office of High-Impact Practices
(405) 974-3416
Office: LAR 202I

Dr, Michael Springer

Fields of study/areas of expertise:

Early Modern Europe, Early Modern Germany, Renaissance and Reformation studies.


Michael Springer is a specialist in early modern European history. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of St. Andrews in 2005. His research focuses on the early Reformation and, more specifically, on clerical reforms of the period and their impact on political developments and changing identities in Early Modern Germany. He is the author of Restoring Christ’s Church: John a Lasco and the Forma ac ratio (Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing, 2007), an in-depth study of the Polish reformer’s ordinance written for the London Strangers’ Church and its impact on refugee congregations in Europe. His current research project focuses on the first generation of superintendents in Saxony, Thuringia, and Hesse, and their ideas about religious and political reform. In addition to his duties in the Department of History and Geography, Dr. Springer also serves as the director of UCO’s Office of High Impact Practices, an office that administers the Research, Creative, and Scholarly Activity (RCSA) grant program and encourages undergraduate research at UCO. He also serves as an editor for H-German, an H-Net Commons network.


In addition to teaching courses on Western Civilization and historical methods, Dr. Springer offers courses on the Middle Ages, the Reformation, and early modern Europe. In 2013 he received a Faculty Teaching Merit Award from UCO, and in 2014 he was nominated by the university for consideration for the CASE U.S. Professors of the Year Awards.



  • HIST 1103      Early Western Civilization
  • HIST 1203      Europe, Renaissance to Waterloo
  • HIST 1203      Europe, Renaissance to Waterloo (online)
  • HIST 3113      Historical Research
  • HIST 3383      The Middle Ages
  • HIST 3483      Absolutism to Enlightenment (with Dr. Plaks)
  • HIST 4773      Modern German History (with Dr. Plaks)
  • HIST 4883      The Reformation, 1500-1648
  • HIST 4910      Seminar: Topics – Toleration in Europe 1200-1800
  • HIST 4910      Seminar: Topics – Early Modern Germany c.1450-1806
  • HIST 4970      Germany Study Tour
  • HIST 4970      Exploring Identities: France and Germany (Study Tour)


  • HIST 5883      The Reformation, 1500-1648
  • HIST 5773      Modern German History (with Dr. Plaks)
  • HIST 5910      Seminar: Topics – Toleration in Europe 1200-1800
  • HIST 5910      Seminar: Topics – Early Modern Germany c.1450-1806
  • HIST 5910      Seminar: Readings in Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 5970      Germany Study Tour

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“Spiritual Authority and Ecclesiastical Practice” in The Search for Authority in Reformation Europe

Restoring Christ’s Church