Geography Student Organization

Geography Student Organization

The Geography Student Organization at The University of Central Oklahoma is a way for those who are passionate about geography and want to be a part of a group of people that share the same ideas and goals of the college experience. We plan fun and exciting activities throughout the semester such as Foreign Food Night’s as well as hiking trips and camping trips. 

We are open to everyone and encourage you to email us at with any questions we can answer for you. Our Foreign Food Night events take place once a month and some sort of big event happens every semester.

GSO 2017 Officers

Michael Lemoine, President: I believe Geography is an amazing field that helps answer the question, why? If you want to know how people and the planet coexist, if you want to know how humans impact the areas they live in, or if you want to know why places look the way they do, you can answer these questions studying geography. 

Blake Taylor, Vice President: I'm interested in geography because I like learning about how humans, flora, and fauna interact with the physical environment and are interdependent on one another. I'm also interested in the economic, cultural, and political impact of climate change, and hope to do further research on the topic in the future.

David Cochran, Secretary: Geography interests me greatly, as it is the lens through which I analyze the world and the multifaceted issues that its diverse inhabitants face. The spatial approach that the field of geography offers has opened my mind's eye to new perspectives, and continues to inform my inquisitive mentality.

Jeff Obert, Treasurer: Learning about geography helps me to understand the complexities between a physical place and its inhabitants. I study geography because it helps to bridge the gap between concepts in the social sciences and the physical sciences. In a world that is increasingly about divisions, geography is a unifying field that facilitates open dialogue and critical thought.

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