Bachelor of Arts in Applied Liberal Arts

(download the printable .pdf checklist)

Minimum number of credits for graduation:  124 semester hours
Course distribution requirements within the program
University Core (was General Education): 42-44 credit hours
Minimum Required Hours: 71-77 credit hours
Electives to Total: 124 credit hours


Social and Behavioral Sciences: 15 credit hours

Economics: 6 credit hours

Elective courses in at least three of the following areas: 9 credit hours

  • Political Science (not 1113)
  • Geography
  • Psychology

Cultural Foundations: 9 credit hours

Philosophy: 3 credit hours

Elective courses in at least two of the following areas: 6 credit hours

  • History (beyond general education)
  • Literature
  • Humanities (beyond general education)

Communication Skills: 9 credit hours

Select one course in each area:
ENG 4473 Advance Composition OR
ENG 4023 Technical Writing OR
CSTDY 3573 Fundamentals of Creative Writing I OR
CSTDY 3583 Fundamentals of Creative Writing II

COMM 3693 Communication and Language OR
COMM 2623 Communication Theory OR
COMM 3383 Argumentation OR
COMM 3343 Small Group Communication OR
COMM 3203 Conference Workshop Organization/Leadership

JOURN 3223 Principles of Public Relations OR
JOURN 1113 Basic Photography for Non-Majors OR
JOURN 3253 Non-Fiction Writing I

Foreign Language: 2-8 credit hours
Completion of a second semester of a foreign language
(1224) or an intermediate level foreign language.

Career Preparation: 12 credit hours

ACCTG 2113  Accounting I: 3 credit hours

Select one of the following: 3 credit hours
  • COMSC 1103  Introduction to Computing Systems
  • OCTE  4013 Multimedia and Information Systems
  • PLTSC 2013 Information Management in Political Science

Select from the following: 6 credit hours

  • ACCTG 2133 Accounting II
  • BCOM 3143 Business Communication
  • FIN 3563 Fundamentals of Business Finance
  • DESCI 2173 Business Statistics
  • LS 3113 Legal Environment of Business
  • MATH 1513 College Algebra OR
  • MATH 1453 College Algebra for Business
  • MNGMT 3103 Fundamentals of Management
  • MRKTG 3013 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Liberal Arts: 24 credit hours

Course work from one of the following areas (courses taken to meet other degree requirements may be applied).

At least nine of the twenty-four hours must be 3000 or 4000 level course work.
Art -- Communication -- Creative Studies -- Economics -- English -- Foreign Language -- Geography -- History -- Humanities -- Journalism -- Mathematics -- Music -- Philosophy -- Political Science -- Psychology -- Sociology/Criminal Justice -- Theatre Arts

#NOTE:  This requirement may be satisfied with the completion of eighteen hours, provided the remaining six hours are selected from courses listed in the "Career Preparation" area above.  This includes any additional courses completed in computing science and/or accounting.

Electives to bring total to: 124 credit hours