Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

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Basic Core Courses: 9 hours

HUM 2113 General Humanities: Ancient to Medieval
HUM 2223 General Humanities: Renaissance to Modern
HUM 2423 Non-Western Humanities 

Capstone Course: 3 hours

HUM 4803 Humanities Capstone

Cultural Core Courses: 18 hours

HUM 3013 Bronze Age Humanities 
HUM 3033 Medieval Humanities 
HUM 3043 Renaissance and Baroque Humanities
HUM 3053 19th and 20th Century Humanities
HUM 3133 Ancient Greek Culture
HUM 3233 Ancient Roman Culture
HUM 3423 Enlightenment Humanities

Other Humanities Courses: 12 hours

HUM 3063 American Humanities
HUM 3073 Native American Humanities
HUM 3083 Film Criticism
HUM 3113 Old Testament Humanities 
HUM 3123 New Testament Humanities  
HUM 3903 History of Film I
HUM 3913 History of Film II 
HUM 4113 World Religions 
HUM 4123 Pagan Europe
HUM 4133 Women, Witches, and Religion 
HUM 4223 Jerusalem: One City/Three Religions 
HUM 4303 National Cinemas (or taken as HUM 3990)
HUM 2243 Literature and Culture OR HUM 2273 Art and Culture OR HUM 2333 Philosophy and Culture
HUM 3303 Early Christian Humanities
HUM 4083 Film Criticism
HUM 4233 Anthropology of Religion
HUM 4513 Dante’s Inferno
HUM 4603 Medieval Folklore
HUM 4970 Study Tour in Humanities (1-6 hours)
HUM 3990 Advanced Topics OR HUM 4910 Seminar in Humanities (maximum 6 hours)

Philosophy Courses:
History of Philosophy: 3 hours

PHIL 2153 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 2173 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 3133 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 3163 Contemporary Philosophy

Philosophy Courses:
Philosophy of Humanities: 3 hours

PHIL 3123 Aesthetics
PHIL 3143 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 3323 Philosophy of Music
PHIL 4213 Philosophy of Fiction

Modern Language Requirement

Language Completed                                                                                          

Minor Requirement

Minor Completed