Humanities Minor

Total hours: 18 credit hours

Required Courses 6 credit hours

HUM 2113  General Humanities, Ancient Through Medieval
HUM 2223  General Humanities, Renaissance Through Modern

Electives 12 credit hours

Select twelve (12) hours of the following

HUM 3013 Bronze Age Humanities
HUM 3033 Medieval Humanities
HUM 3043 Renaissance and Baroque Humanities
HUM 3053 19th & 20th Century Humanities
HUM 3063 American Humanities
HUM 3073 Native American Humanities
HUM 3083 Film Criticism
HUM 3113 Old Testament Humanities
HUM 3123 New Testament Humanities
HUM 3133 Ancient Greek Culture
HUM 3233 Ancient Roman Culture
HUM 4113 World Religions
When approved by the Humanities Director, Advanced Topics (3990), Seminars (4910), and Institutes (4960) may be taken as electives.

Minimum GPA: 2.50