Humanities & Philosophy : Religious Studies Minor

Religious Studies Minor

A student electing a minor or minors must choose from academic program subject areas different from the major.  Interdisciplinary minors not associated with a specific major are available to students regardless of major. 

When a course or courses may apply to both the major and the minor, the course or courses must be replaced with an equal number of credit hours from either of the two areas.  Courses may not count in both a major and minor or in more than one minor.

Minimums for minors unless otherwise specified:
Total Hours 18 credit hours
Upper Division Hours (3/4000 level) 6 credit hours
Residency Hours 6 credit hours
Minimum GPA: 2.50

Humanities – Religious Studies: 18 credit hours

Electives: 15 credit hours

Select fifteen (15) hours of the following:
ENG 3373 A Literary Study of the New Testament
ENG 3393 Mythology
ENG 3413 A Literary Study of the Old Testament
HIST 4883 The Reformation
HUM 3113 Old Testament Humanities
HUM 3123 New Testament Humanities
PHIL 3103 Ethical Theory
PHIL 3143 Philosophy of Religion
PLTSC 4823 Religion and Politics
PLTSC 4313 Religion and the Law
SOCIO 3573 Sociology of Religion

Capstone Course (Required): 3 credit hours

HUM 4113  World Religions

When approved by the Humanities Director, Advanced Topics (3990), Seminars (4910), and Institutes (4960) may be taken as electives.

No more than six (6) hours of electives may be counted from any one departmental area.
At least six (6) hours must be in courses at the 3/4000 level.
At least six (6) hours must be in residence at UCO.

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